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EAB Reports

This page gives access to formal reports and documents, produced during the operation of the Association. The language of each document (Esperanto or English) depends on the language used in the original meeting, and the intended audience of the report.

For legal reasons, reports prepared for the accountants and for the charity commission are written in English.

Communications and reports to EAB members and supporters are carried in EAB Update, our quarterly newsletter

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AGM (Annual General Meeting) Minutes

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is formally recorded in minutes, which are then presented to the membership for approval at the following Annual General Meeting.

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Trustees' Report

The Trustees' report covers the Association's financial year (which ends in October); it is submitted to the Charity Commission with the financial statement for that financial year, and presented to the membership at the following Annual General Meeting. So, for example, the report for "year 2001" covered the period November 2000 to October 2001, and was published in advance of the 2002 Annual General Meeting.

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Annual Accounts

The annual accounts are submitted to the charity commission and can be downloaded from the accounts page on their website. (Please note that there is sometimes a delay between EAB submitting the accounts to the Charity Commission, and the Charity Commission actually posting those accounts on their website. EAB is not responsible for that delay. EAB members may alternatively request a copy of the most recent accounts from the EAB office)

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Journalists and researches occasionally contact the EAB office, asking for local or national Esperanto contacts to appear in interviews, articles or features in local or national publications, or on local or national radio or TV; sometimes this is in response to publicity initiatives by EAB or local groups, or to reports and letters by individual Esperantists sharing their experiences. Recent publicity and promotion activity is summarised in the most recent Trustees' Annual Report (see above).

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Trustees' Induction

The elected members of the EAB management committee are the trustees of the association. They are bound by the assocation's Constitution. New trustees also receive a Trustees' Induction Presentation to make them aware of their duties and responsibilities.

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ManCom Minutes

Each meeting of the EAB Management Committee (the Trustees of the charity) is formally recorded in the minutes (la protokoloj). A concise summary report appears in EAB update, and EAB Members can consult the full minutes in the Butler library.

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Past Presidents, Fellows

Here are lists of past presidents and fellows of the association.

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EAB Journals, Newsletters and Bulletins

EAB publishes various communications to members and supporters. Archives of the (more recent) back issues of these newsletters are available:

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EAB Surveys

EAB has conducted various surveys in the past. They're very old now, but we've put them here as an archive record.