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EAB Bookshop

EAB's book service sells EAB's own publications, and a selected range of other Esperanto-related books, CDs and sundries.

EAB bookshop (photo by Chris Rushton)

*Buy from our online catalogue.

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How to Order

You can browse our online bookshop catalogue, and place your order online (paying by debit or credit card), or post your order to us (paying by cheque, postal order, credit- or debit card). Please contact the EAB office by telephone or e-mail if you want to to discuss your requirements, or to confirm stock, pricing and postage.

To order online, click [add to cart] next to the relevant item(s) in the catalogue, then when you have finished composing your order, proceed to the checkout to arrange payment. To use the online shopping facility, your browser must have cookies enabled. If your shopping session is idle for more than 10-20 minutes or if you close your browser before proceeding through the checkout, then the shopping cart will be emptied.

Covid-19 announcement: Esperanto House is currently off limits to visitors and purchases from the bookshop might not arrive quite as quickly as usual.

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Terms and Shipping

All orders must be accompanied by payment. For orders submitted by post, please make your cheque (in Pounds Sterling from a British bank) or postal order payable to Esperanto-Asocio de Britio.

Prices shown in the bookshop catalogue do not include shipping (unless the price is marked with "*").

January 2021: Please note the new minumum shipping charges, below.
November 2020: Please note the Rest of World shipping charges, below.

For payment by credit or debit card, some of your payment covers our card transaction costs; for debit cards these are £0.39 per transaction, for sterling credit cards 2.75% of order per transaction, and non-sterling credit cards 3.25% per transaction. So if possible, please pay with a debit card rather than a credit card for orders over £14, to help us minimise our transaction costs.

Order acceptance and the completion of the contract between you and us will take place on the dispatch to you of the products ordered, unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order, or we have received a cancellation from you (by e-mail or telephone) before we have dispatched the goods to you. Non-acceptance of an order may be a result of one of the following: the product you ordered being unavailable from stock; our inability to obtain authorisation for your payment; the identification of a pricing or product description error; your failure to meet the criteria set out in these terms and conditions.

If you are unhappy with your order, please contact the EAB office by telephone or e-mail within 30 days of receiving your delivery, to discuss your complaint. We will not refund the disputed item(s) until they have been returned to the EAB office, in good condition. If the reason for the return is not the fault of EAB then we may deduct shipping and transaction charges from any refund.

For bulk orders, on EAB-published materials we offer a 33.3% discount on three or more of the same item purchased at the same time. On other goods, we offer 16.7% discount for three or more of the same item purchased at the same time. Please contact the EAB office to confirm the precise arrangements for a bulk order, as the online ordering facility does not cater for these exceptional orders.

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Courses and Study Materials

EAB also offers a range of Esperanto courses (including correspondence courses with tutorial support, available in the UK only), learning support materials and examinations: they are listed in (and can be ordered from) the bookshop catalogue, but for more comprehensive descriptions please see the education section of our website.

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Several downloadable books, along with support material for other publications, can be found in our online publications page.

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Second-hand books

EAB also sells second-hand Esperanto books; you can find a selection on e-bay second-hand books from EAB.

The Butler library has a stock of second hand books for sale from the library itself; for more details see the dedicated website.

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Other bookshops

Other selections of Esperanto books and CDs are available from online shops at UEA, FEL and Vinilkosmo; Esperanto-clothing is available from (among others) Cafe Press. EAB is not responsible for those services.