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Esperanto-Asocio de Britio 2010 Annual General Meeting

[This is a "stop-press"/placeholder report - a more comprehensive report will be published in or distributed with a future issue of EAB Update (also see below)]

EAB's 33rd Annual General Meeting was held on 16th May 2010 at the Imperial Hotel, Llandudno.

The minutes of the previous AGM, the Trustees' Report, Financial Report, appointment of independent examiner and subscription rates for the next financial year were all accepted nem. com. (without any explicit objections). Arthur Prent and Ivor Hueting were elected as vote counters.

After some discussion about the proposed revisions to the Constitution, no modifications to the revised constitution were put forward by the membership and a vote was taken to accept the revised constitution: 42 votes for, none against, no abstentions.

The results of the ManCom* election were as follows (respectively votes for, against, abstentions):
[* ManCom= Management Committee, and Trustees of the Association]

Name  For  AgainstAbstain
Joyce Bunting 66 4 1
Ian Fantom 5 4521
Geoffrey Greatrex 59 3 9
Edmund Grimley Evans57 6 8
Clare Hunter 64 1 6
David Kelso 63 3 5
John Wells 67 2 2

Joyce Bunting, Geoffrey Greatrex, Edmund Grimley Evans, Clare Hunter, David Kelso and John Wells were duly elected.

As EAB President candidates, Ian Fantom received 5 votes and John Wells received 66 votes (and 1 person abstained). John Wells is thus elected as President.

72 people voted, but those votes that were not marked with any choice were not counted. 4 spoiled postal votes were received (spoiled as they did not identify themselves).

The meeting was unusually harmonious and good-humoured, and finished at 11:48am.

Mikeo Seaton

Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio

Sunday 16 May 2010, Imperial Hotel, Llandudno

1. Forty-five members were present and John Wells, President, chaired the meeting. Agreed that the meeting be conducted in English. Apologies for absence had been received from: Edmund Grimley Evans, Albert Lindsay and Stephen Thompson. The meeting observed a brief silence for members deceased since the last AGM.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM: accepted nem. con.

3. Joyce Bunting, Hon. Treasurer, presented the Trustees' Annual Report [for the year ending October 2009]. After brief discussion, the report was accepted nem. con.

4. Joyce Bunting, Hon. Treasurer, presented and commented upon the Financial Report, which was accepted nem. con. Several observations were made:

5. It was agreed, nem. con. to leave the appointment of the Independent Examiner (auditor) to the discretion of the Management Committee.

6. Proposed by the Management Committee, that subscription rates remain unchanged. Agreed, nem. con.

7. Discussion followed on a motion from the Management Committee to revise the Constitution, the details of which had been previously circulated. It was suggested by Paul Gubbins that members might be asked to give an undertaking regarding the 'best interests of the Association' similar to that given by Trustees: referred to the Management Committee for consideration, reservations having been expressed by Eric Walker and Heather Eason. Geoffrey Sutton queried whether the number of meetings of the Management Committee should not be specified; Secretary explained that much business nowadays is transacted by e-mail. The proposed revised Constitution was approved, unanimously.

8 Arturo Prent and Ivor Hueting were appointed scrutineers/ vote-counters. Voting then took place for the election of the Management Committee for the following year.

9 During the counting of votes, comments and suggestions from members were discussed. Miland Joshi proposed that 'La Espero' always be sung during Congress; the Chair invited a (non-binding) vote, which was finely balanced between For and Against. Tim Owen noted the friendly, positive atmosphere of this year's Congress and AGM. Terry Page asked about future congresses, especially in 2012, when there may be a European Congress in Ireland; Joyce Bunting indicated that the Charity Commission advised against AGM arrangements which effectively 'disenfranchise' some members. Peter Redfarn asked about the future of Wedgwood Memorial College; Secretary explained that the matter was still 'under discussion' between the local authorities and that no definite proposal had yet emerged. Penny Nicholas asked whether Springboard to Languages might be extended to adults; David Kelso explained that Springboard is essentially a preparation for learning other languages, based on developing Language Awareness through Esperanto, but that Angela Tellier and her colleagues would give every assistance to anyone wanting to organise courses for adults. Raymond Butler pointed out that there were worryingly few women in attendance. Arturo Prent queried why we were using English, not Esperanto, in Wales; the Chair reminded him that Esperanto was perfectly acceptable, as well as English.

9 [cont]. The results of the election for the Management Committee and for President (incl. postal votes) were declared.

For membership of the Committee:

Name  For  AgainstAbstain
Joyce Bunting6641
Ian Fantom54521
Geoffrey Greatrex5939
Edmund Grimley Evans5768
Clare Hunter6416
David Kelso6335
John Wells6722

And for President:
Ian Fantom 5 votes
John Wells 66 votes

John Wells was declared elected. The Chair mentioned that Ian Fantom had indicated that he wished to be a candidate only for President, not for the Committee.

10. Ivor Hueting confirmed that the 92nd Congress would be in Eastbourne, 8-10 April 2011 and assured everyone of a warm welcome.

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