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EAB 2007 AGM

[This summmary report appeared in EAB Update No. 38 (July - September 2007)]

The [30th] AGM of the Association took place in Letchworth on Sunday, 6 May, during the British Esperanto Congress. Approx. 32 members attended; Dr John Wells, President of the Association, chaired the meeting.

The Annual Report of the Trustees and the Financial Report were presented by the Hon. Treasurer, Joyce Bunting, and were accepted by the meeting. It was agreed to leave subscription rates unchanged.

In the election for the Management Committee, the results (including postal votes and proxies) were as follows:

As the number of candidates was less than the number of vacancies, and all received more votes for than against, all 8 were declared elected. John Wells was the sole candidate for President and was declared elected.

During the period for Comments and Suggestions from the members, which occurred while votes were being counted, issues raised included: standing orders and conduct of meetings, publicity and recruitment, language policy (Language Watch), Buchanan Lecture and Prize, attendance at AGMs, and considerable discussion of JEB activity.

David Kelso, Hon. Secretary

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