This was the Esperanto Association of Britain's site from 2005 to 2018. You will find its current site at

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EAB NetNews Archive

EAB NetNews was an occasional e-mail newsletter, sent to EAB members and supporters on request. Its scope was those news items which didn't fit into our more formal publications EAB Update or La Brita Esperantisto (either because they didn't fit the regular publishing schedules, or because their content was so ephemeral that it was better suited to an e-mail).

However, EAB NetNews has largely been superseded by the EAB News page of the EAB website and Esperanto_UK Twitter group.

The views expressed in EAB NetNews are not necessarily those of the Management Committee of EAB.

EAB also publishes the review La Brita Esperantisto, wholly in Esperanto, and EAB Update (Ĝisdate), a quarterly (printed) newsletter.

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