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EAB News 2000-12-21: EAB NetNews Bulletin

EAB NetNews - December 2000


Keeping you informed!

Ĉu Ni Artumi?



Do you like sketching or painting? Do you long for a couple of days away from the bustle, no shopping or cooking, TV, or interruptions, so you can get on with it?

Would you like to join a 'do-it-yourself' art group at Barlaston during the 'Ni Festivalu' weekend? Any medium permitted. All levels of proficiency acceptable - this is not a competition! Bring your own pencils, paints and paper etc.

The college has many charming corners and garden views or 'still life' could be arranged, according to your taste. Perhaps Esperantists would be good subjects (?!)


Meals and amusements will be taken with the rest of the Esperantists and I'm sure you could 'sit in' on some of their sessions. They would be welcome to join us.

Whether your Esperanto is at beginner level or advanced, you will be equally welcome and will find the opportunity to improve in a relaxing environment.

This letter is in English to encourage Esperanto-beginners.

If you would like to discuss this proposal please contact Joyce Bunting, 42 Ridgewood Drive, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 3LH. Tel: 01582 760564 or Derek Tatton at Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston, Staffs. ST12 9DG. Tel: 01782 372105 or 373427

N.B. Don't forget the NI FESTIVALU event itself. There are still a few vacant places. Contact Derek Tatton about these.

Nova libro el Ruslando

La abonantoj de "La Ondo de Esperanto" ricevis en decembro, kiel literaturan suplementon, ekzempleron de "Rusaj amnoveloj". Ghi estas la kvina volumo en la libroserio "Rusa literaturo" post la libroj de Chehhov, Turgenev, Lermontov, Lev Tolstoj (du) kaj Brjusov.

La libro enhavas tri novelojn:

* Anton Chehhov. Pri la amo (Tradukis Aleksander Korjhenkov)
* Ivan Bunin. Rusja (Tradukis Grigori Arosev)
* Vladimir Nabokov. Muziko (Tradukis Grigori Arosev)

La tuta libro (ankau la rusaj tekstoj) estas legebla en nia ret-pagharo en la unikoda prezento:

La libro estas mendebla che la eldonejo poshte (RU-620014 Jekaterinburg-14, p.k. 162, Ruslando) au rete: La prezo estas nur 2 euroj. Sendokosto fakturota.


4-10 ekzempleroj 33% (1.33 EUR)
11-20 ekzempleroj 40% (1.20 EUR)
pli ol 20 ekzempleroj 50% (1.00 EUR)

Halina Gorecka Adreso: RU-620014, Jekaterinburg-14, p.k. 162, Ruslando
Telefono: (3432) 281711

Esperanto Association of Britain AGM

Saturday 31st March 2001
Friendship Room, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London
Saturday 31st March

1000 Registration and coffee
1045 Lecture + discussion
1200 Lunch
1315 AGM
1515 Tea
1545-1700 Specialist meetings and MANCOM

The guest lecturer will be Dr. Rainer Kurz, President of the German Esperanto Association
The address of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church is: 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London.
It is just off New Oxford Street and within walking distance of Tottenham Court Road Tube Station. There are many small hotels in Bloomsbury. Please contact the London Tourist Board for details. The London Club has kindly agreed to arrange a Festvespero on the Friday evening between 1830- 2200. Dr. Kurz will be the speaker. The address of the London club is: The Fred Tallant Hall, 153 Drummond Street, London. It is situated 200 metres west of Euston Station. Please indicate your requirements for catering purposes below, and send in an envelope endorsed AGM to: EAB, 201 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, IP3 9BJ By Saturday 17th March 2001 at the latest. The above deadline also applies to notifications to the Hon Secy re specialist meetings. An estimate of participants would also be useful. Please note no receipt will be sent.
Morning coffee and pastry £1.30 yes/no
Sandwich lunch £2.50 yes/no
Afternoon Tea £1.30 yes/no
Vegetarian? yes/no

I hope to attend the London Club Festvespero. yes/no I enclose cheque/PO for £ to EAB
Postal code
Telephone number

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 23:12:04 +0100 (MET)

Subject: NUN: Ĉesiĝos eperantlingvaj elsendoj el Tallinn

Jena informero aperis en NUN:

Ĉesiĝos eperantlingvaj elsendoj el Tallinn

Pro ekonomiaj kialoj estraro de estona radio planas venontjare ĉesigi multajn programojn.Inter ili estas ankaŭ nia ĉiusemajna esperantlingva elsendo.Ni alvokas niajn au'skultantojn sendi protestleterojn al la estraro

de ER. Multaj reehxoj povas helpi nin.

As an alternative to the Universala Kongreso which is not suitable for beginners, we are searching for an international direct method one week course to which beginners could go and learn in a pleasant and international atmosphere. There seems to be two possibilities in France. Here is information about KVINPETALO. which is located near Potiers in east central France. From reports received it seems a pleasant place. It seems to be a very cheap holiday course! Anyone interested to go should contact the office. We will put everyone in touch with each other and try to make everything as smooth as possible. So, even if you yourself are not interested to go, think of anyone else who might and suggest that they get in touch with us. In fact at the same time there is a course on an advanced level so there is something for everyone!

AŬGUSTO Preparado al Altaj Studoj
21a - 25a Gvidas Janine Dumoulin kaj Georges Lagrange
kaj Por la Komencantoj:
samtempe: Gvidas Sophie Mensen
Aligho al la stagho (kurskotizo) 150 FF
Tranoktado (kiom ajn longe) 200 FF

La ĉi-supraj estas principe unufojaj pagoj.

Plus, laudezire: Chiu matenmangho 25 FF
Ĉiu tagmangho 49 FF
Ĉiu vespermangho 35 FF

With currently 10.30 francs to the £ that makes the total cost for a week at just under £90.00 to which travel costs must be added. Four travelling in a car would not cost much.

Fuller details will be worked out and available from the office if an s.a.e. is sent.

The 53rd Congress of the International Railway Workers Esperanto Federation will take place 12th to 19th may 2001 at Tabor in Czech Republic. Local organiser is L.K.K. Angliska 878, CZ Dobrichhovice, Czech Res. Phone +420-2-991 2201. Fax +420-2-991 2126. email

From the 9th to 12th May there will be a pre-congress event in Prague. Sounds very interesting! Think about going!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you all whether you be Christians or Pagans!

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