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Butler Library

Butler Library (photo by Chris Rushton) The Butler Library is the library of the Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB), named after Montagu Christie Butler (1884-1970). It is housed with the EAB office at Barlaston, near Stoke-on-Trent.

The Butler Library has around 13,000 books and many other documents about Esperanto.

More information about the library can be found on a separate website, which belongs to the librarian Geoffrey King.

Members of EAB can visit the library for on-site study. However it's necessary to book your visit in advance, because the room is also used for other business, meetings, etc.; see the details in the contact us page.

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Library Catalogues

The Bulter Library catalogue is currently being updated and migrated into a new integrated catalogue management system (Koha). In the meantime, we offer a search of across three "frozen" (i.e. not completely up-to-date) catalogues:

The current search engine is very simple: you have to search for complete words, exactly spelt, and the search tool doesn't distinguish between different record fields. For example, if you know the name of the author and a word from the title, you can give both as search terms. All accents are ignored, apart from the Esperanto ones, which you can also type as a following X: e.g. "Pauxlo" instead of "Paŭlo".

(Like the contents of the library, the search results are in Esperanto.)

Library Catalogues Search

Change cx -> ĉ, etc.

Search in:
Detailed catalogue of the Butler library
Concise catalogue of the Butler library
Bibliography of translations from English

Reference information:

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Audio Library Bendoteko

EAB used to operate a lending library (Bendoteko) of around 300 audiocassette tapes and 20 videocassette tapes. Those materials are now held in the Butler library collection, and we are working to digitise the more popular recordings so that they can be made available as part of the Butler Library Sonbanko online archive of Esperanto recordings.

Several Esperanto recordings on CD or DVD are also available from the EAB bookshop.

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Other Public Collections

There are several other important public collections of Esperanto books in Britain.