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EAB Membership

Whether you are an expert Esperanto speaker, an absolute beginner or a supporter of the idea, you can help us to promote Esperanto by becoming a member of the Esperanto Association of Britain.

As a member of EAB, you can also benefit from:

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Membership Rates

We have two membership categories to suit your circumstances.

Category Annual Rate EAB Update La Brita Esperantisto Members' Info Pack AGM Vote
Membership £(see shop) yes yes yes yes
(concessionary rate)
£(see shop) yes yes yes yes
(Legacy note: There also used to be some additional categories - family membership, supporter - but they had high admin overheads with respect to the level of take-up, so they were "retired")


It really helps us if you buy your membership subscription online (then you'll get a renewal reminder automatically), or if you pay for your subscription by standing order (then we don't have to issue an annual reminder to you, and you don't have to remember to send us a cheque).

Much of our work is funded by donations from members, so if you are able to make an additional gift (either with your subscription, or at any other time) this will be most welcome. As we are a registered charity (number 272676), the trustees are required by law to make effective use of your donations in furthering the aims of the association.

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Membership Application

You can pay for your EAB membership online by debit or credit card; see the shop>membership>EAB membership section of our online shop.

Or, you can download and print out the EAB Membership Application/Renewal form; use this if you want to pay by standing order or cheque/postal order (please make this payable to Esperanto-Asocio de Britio).

If you are a UK taxpayer, please also complete a Gift Aid Declaration which costs you nothing but saves us money (for more details, see below).

EAB also acts as the UK agent for the World Esperanto Organisation / Universala Esperanto-Asocio (UEA) - see the shop>membership>UEA membership section of our online shop.

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Gifts, Bequests and Tax

Many of EAB's important initiatives in teaching and promoting Esperanto are funded by bequests, from people who have generously made provision for our work in their will. If you would like help in planning or arranging a bequest, please contact the EAB office to ask for advice from our treasurer.

You can make a donation online: Chose the shop>membership>EAB membership>donation to EAB item, and set the quantity to the number of pounds you wish to donate.

Do be aware that for payments made by credit card, 2.75% of your payment will go to card transaction fees, so if possible please use a debit card for donations over £14 (then EAB will receive a larger proportion of your donation).

If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete a Gift Aid Declaration; this will allow us to reclaim tax on your gifts and subscriptions, at no extra cost to yourself. The Gift Aid scheme is relevant to anyone who pays UK income tax on income, investment or pensions; it allows EAB to reclaim 25p for every pound you give. If you are higher rate tax payer, you can also reclaim a higher rate refund (by declaring your gift on your tax return page TR4 box 5). If there comes a time when you no longer pay tax, please let the EAB office know.

Taxpayers who are due a refund from the Inland Revenue (for overpayment of tax) also have the option of directing that refund to a charity: quote EAB's charity code XA E3 0Y G (on your tax return's "Giving your tax repayment to charity" form).

Another way of giving is by ShareGift. Sometimes people have small holdings of shares (perhaps as a result of privatisations, scrip dividends, inheritance splits or investments that have fallen in value) and these are difficult or even impossible to dispose of because of the cost involved. However you can donate them to a charity, by transferring them to ShareGift, who collects them into holdings that are large enough to sell. ShareGift pays the commission for dealing; all you have to do is send them the share certificates with a completed donation coupon (available from ShareGift's website), and ShareGift will send you the appropriate stock transfer form.

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Local Groups and Contacts

EAB is a national 'umbrella' organisation, representing Esperanto speakers and supporters throughout the UK. Many of these people organise local events or publish a local newsletter too, as part of the activities of a regional or local group - so why not consider joining up and participating at a local level too? (Some local groups do charge a small membership or attendance fee, to cover their administration costs, meeting room hire, etc.)

These are the local groups and contacts affiliated to, or known to, EAB; the list is sorted alphabetically by place name. EAB isn't responsible for those groups' own websites, and although some of those sites may be out-dated we've mentioned them since you might still find some contact details there. For those groups/contacts listed without a website link, you can contact the EAB office and ask to be put in touch with that group's leader/organiser or local contact. Alternatively, (if you have a smartphone) you can use the Amikumu ap to find nearby Eperantists.

If there isn't a group near you, why not consider establishing one? You can always contact the EAB office for help and advice. You might also like to participate in the Telephone Buddy system, or to join one of the online groups.

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Online Groups

That is just a small selection; use a search engine to find many more chatrooms, fora and social networking sites where Esperantists meet and chat.

EAB is not responsible for the online groups listed above. As with any Internet social site, remember that the information you choose to share can be seen by strangers, that online identities aren't necessarily genuine, and that you cannot always trust everyone you meet online - even if they do speak Esperanto!

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Specialist Groups

Young people (under 30) have dedicated group, the Youth Esperanto Association of Britain / Junularo Esperantista Brita (see JEB's Facebook page). They can also apply for financial support for their Esperanto activities from the Norwich Jubilee Foundation (NoJEF).

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Telephone Buddy

phone buddy The EAB "telephone buddy" system is for EAB members who would like to practise their conversational skills in Esperanto, but who have little opportunity to do so regularly.

If you would like to be either "helper" or "helped", or would like more information, please contact the EAB office. You'll receive a set of guidelines with suggested topics and suggested conversation structure, and details of your "buddy".

Please note that the applicant is responsible for making all telephone calls (or Skype calls) at the mutually agreed times and paying all telephone expenses. Telephone numbers and contact details of either applicant or buddy may not be passed on to a third party without prior consent.

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EAB poster If you'd like to help to recruit new members to EAB, you can download and print off an A4 poster.
Warning: this PDF file is large (920 KBytes).

You can also contact our office to ask for a set of recruitment postcards, to hand out to people who may be interested in learning about Esperanto.