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EAB News 2009-02-21: EAB NetNews Bulletin

EAB NetNews - February 2009

EAB NetNews is an occasional e-mail bulletin to (subscribing) EAB members, for news items which don't fit into our more formal bulletins EAB Update or La Brita Esperantisto (either because they don't fit the regular publishing schedule, or because their content is so ephemeral that it is better suited to an e-mail).

Until recently, EAB NetNews was collated and compiled by Eric Walker. If you are an EAB member with sufficient contacts to be able to gather such relevant news, and would like to volunteer to take on this task, please contact the EAB office.

Esperanto on BBCTV's QI

On Friday 20th February, the theme of the BBC1 TV comedy panel show QI was "the future", and included a short item on "the language of the future" which discussed Panglish and Esperanto. It was repeated in an "XL" edition on BBC2 Saturday 21st February, and this extended version mentioned Klingon too.

There was one factual error in the suggestion that Esperanto has a vocabulary of only 900 words, but otherwise the item was quite balanced and reliable. Host Stephen Fry did a good job of reading out the Esperanto phrases Saluton, Ĉu via parolas Esperanton? and Mia kusenveturilo estas plena de angiloj.

The program can be viewed online for seven days after transmission in the BBC iPlayer; here are links to QI XL Sat 21 Feb (available until Sat 28 Feb) and QI Wed 25 Feb (available until Wed 4 Mar).

In the QI XL (extended 45-minute) version, the "language of the future" item starts 28 minutes into the broadcast, and the "Esperanto" part starts at 33 minutes. In the QI (30-minute) version, the "language of the future" item starts 18 minutes into the broadcast, the "Esperanto" part starts at 20 minutes.

UEA visitor to the UK

Jose Antonio Vergara José Antonio Vergara, estrarano de UEA, vizitos Brition ekde la 30a de marto ĝis la 3a de aprilo. Tre plaĉus al li viziti grupojn kaj prelegi. Se vi volas, ke li vizitu vian grupon, nepre kontaktu lin ĉe: .

Another visitor

From the EAB office, Viv reports "Meet Phillip the Pheasant. [Esperanto= fazano.] He's becoming a regular visitor though this is the first time I've been able to get near him with a camera..." fazano

British Congress

Salisbury If you plan to attend the British Esperanto Congress in Salisbury (2009-Apr-17 to 20) but haven't booked your place yet, please do so soon, as early bookings make life much so easier for the organisers. Do remember that you can book and pay online.

Esperanto accented characters

There are several techniques for typing Esperanto accented characters in Microsoft Windows® programs. A method published recently uses a free Windows program called Autohotkey; you can read about the instructions for using it on this link. Once installed, you type (e.g.) c then x to get the accented letter ĉ.

This technique works particularly well when composing e-mails with the (free) Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program, because Thunderbird's spell-check function works with a number of languages, including Esperanto. (After installing Thunderbird, visit its add-ons page to download the Esperanto spellcheck dictionary; then you can use the "Spell" button on the "Compose" window's toolbar to switch between languages.)

Bookshop News

As you may have noticed, the exchange rate of Sterling against the Euro has fallen considerably. This means that, when our stock of a particular title is exhausted and we have to source more copies from UEA, we have to reflect the increased price in our bookshop catalogue. That is why some of the prices have gone up recently.

The EAB office is now able to take credit- and debit-card payments over the telephone. If you have a choice, we ask you to pay by debit card as our transaction costs are lower. As with online orders, the transaction is actually handled by our agent WorldPay, and EAB does not keep a record of your credit card details.

Here are some of the recent additions to the bookshop catalogue. For more details and to buy online, visit the EAB Bookshop web page.

This edition of EAB NetNews was compiled by Vilĉjo Walker. News items and links are published in good faith but do not necessarily reflect the views of the management committee of EAB.

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