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Esperanto-Asocio de Britio 2015 Annual General Meeting

[This is a "stop-press"/placeholder report - a more comprehensive report will be published in EAB Update or a copy of the minutes will be circulated to members with EAB Update]

EAB's 38th Annual General Meeting was held on 19th April 2015 at The Jubilee Library, Brighton.

The minutes of the previous AGM [in Sheffield, April 2014], the Trustees' Report [for year ending October 2014] and Financial Report [for year ending October 2014] were presented.

The proposals to receive the minutes of the previous AGM (with corrections and clarifications), to re-appoint the current independent examiner, and to leave the [voting member] subscription rates unchanged, were all approved.

The resolution to amend the constitution (to explicitly embed conditions concerning the Butler Library) was not approved; Paul Gubbins explained that the management committee would be addressing the library's organisation and operation in future meetings.

Joyce Bunting, former honorary treasurer, was awarded fellowship ("fratulo") of EAB in recognition of her many years' service and advice to the Association.

Various suggestions and comments were received from the members present, including a discussion on the wishes and options for future British Esperanto Congresses.

The votes for the ManCom* were counted by Viv O'Dunne.
[* ManCom= Management Committee, and Trustees of the Association]
Ian Carter, Paul Dennett, Edmund Grimley Evans, Paul Gubbins, Clare Hunter, Tim Owen, Ed Robertson were elected as trustees.

Ian Carter5512
Paul Dennett5602
Edmund Grimley Evans5602
Paul Gubbins5800
Clare Hunter5143
Tim Owen5512
Ed Robertson5701

Paul Gubbins was the sole candidate for president of the Association, and so became the new president.

The AGM venue; ManCom Clare Hunter (Hon. Treas), Paul Gubbins (president), Tim Owen (Hon Sec.)

Votes are handed to Viv O'Dunne for counting; Joyce Bunting receives Fellowship of EAB

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