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Minutes of the 1999 Annual General Meeting of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio,

The meeting took place at the 1999 British Congress of Esperanto at Kings Hotel Newport, Wales on 3 April 1999. The agenda had been distributed with the annual report, beforehand.

65 members of the association were present. Edmund Grimley Evans presided.

Before the meeting commenced, the names of those members who had died during the year were read and we stood for a minute in silent thought.

1. Copies of the minutes of the 1998 AGM were given to all present. The minutes were accepted unanimously.

2. The annual report, which had been sent to all members 21 days in advance, was accepted with no votes to the contrary and one abstention. An error had been pointed out by the Hon. Sec. In relation to the Bendoteko. In fact the number of hirings was almost double that stated in the annual report.

3. The recommendation to sell our premises at 140 Holland Park Avenue, West London was discussed after Don Lord had explained the legal position of the trustees (the management committee) in relation to Charity Law. Ivor Hueting, who had proposed an amendment which had not been acceptable because many members had already voted by post and new nothing of the proposed amendment, opposed the acceptance of the recommendation and a number of those present spoke both for and against or raised questions. On the close of the first half of the AGM, members who had not already done so filled their consultative voting papers and put them in the ballot box.

After the coffee break the vote was announced by the Returning Offices Paul Gubbins. The combined results of the postal votes with the votes made after the AGM discussion were: For the recommendation 212, against 6, abstainers 10.

4 Accounts for the year 1997- 1998. Joyce Bunting presented the financial report which had been circulated earlier by post. Thanks were expressed to Norah Brown and Peter Danning for their help during the past year. U.E. A. is now operating its international accounts in Euros. Joyce asked that members who were having problems with the finance dept of U.E.A should contact her. She wished to continue with the same auditors for the coming year. The financial report was accepted unanimously. Warm thanks were expressed to Joyce for her diligent work and the many hors devoted to the work of the association.

5. It was agreed that the subscription fees should remain the same for the year commencing November 1 1999.

6. Election of a new committee. Firstly a vote was taken on whether to elect them in block. Even though there were only 7 against and 2 abstentions, it was pointed out that the election must proceed person by person. All candidates were elected. The new Management Committee is:

President: Edmund Grimley-Evans, Hon. Sec. Eric Walker, Hon. Treas. Joyce Bunting, Other Committee members, David Bisset, Fraser Dunbar, Paul Gubbins, Paul Hewitt, Geoffrey Wood.

7. There being no other business and some 5 minutes remaining, David Curtis spoke on the question of the proposed transfer of the Butler Library to the Wedgwood Memorial College (W.M.C.) at Barlaston, Staffordshire. Derek Tatton, the Principal of the College, responded with information about the possibilities and about the governing bodies of the college. Martin Howard, whose profession is that of town planner and works as a consultant to firms and individuals making change of use planning applications, offered his services free of charge.

--- end ---

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