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Sample course materials.This course is easy to follow and motivating to use. It consists of a course reading text Gerda malaperis!, a lessons book, a resources book, and two audio CDs with readings of the text. Together they provide 25 lessons with word-lists, explanations, self-help exercises, tutor-marked exercises, puzzles and information about the world of Esperanto. Click here for more information.

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Sample course materials.This course is designed for children aged 4-12 and consists of four children's colour workbooks and three teacher/parent resource books (which include pull-out activity cards, photocopiable worksheets, grammatical explanations and related foreign language wordlists). A recording of the songs and text is supplied, and the course is supported with games and prizes. Click here for more information.

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Accelerated course

Sample course materials.CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

This course is for language professionals and competent students who are already familiar with grammar, and have an understanding of foreign language concepts. It covers similar ground to the Elementary..! course and introduces a wide-ranging vocabulary, but in a more 'accelerated' manner. Each lesson includes a number of sentences to be translated from English into Esperanto. Click here for more information.

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Advanced course

We recommend that Advanced students follow the Internacia Perfektiga Koresponda Kurso. It is suitable for those who have completed either the Elementary..! course or the Accelerated course (or both). The tutor, Boris Kolker, is a renowned Russian Esperantist and a member of the Academy of Esperanto. Twenty-six chapters take you through the simulated life of an Esperanto Club where you 'participate' in lectures and readings, poems and discussions, thereby learning about Esperanto literature, history and culture. Each chapter is followed by explanations, where necessary, abundant exercises and a 'culture quiz'. All material, instruction and tuition are in Esperanto and are delivered by e-mail (although a postal option and printed textbook are available, if preferred).

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Free Taster course

Suitable for those who would like a quick taster, this course gives an overview of the language in twelve bite-sized portions. Once you have received the first lesson, simply return your answers by email, or by post with an SAE. Your tutor will reply with guidance and the next lesson. All you pay is postage, and if you use e-mail you don't even pay that! Click here for more information.