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Introduction to our residential courses

If you want to improve your Esperanto or experience the language "in action" the best way is to attend one of our annual residential.

Application forms and further information about these courses and may be requested either from us at the EAB office or by browsing our EAB Events page.

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Esperanto Summer Course

Our Summer Course offers you a choice of stimulating courses, activities and lectures at different levels.

Our aim is to provide an Esperanto total-immersion session which we find is an excellent way of encouraging rapid progress, however, complete beginners may flounder. The course has become renowned over the years and sometimes attracts non-British Esperantists which means that the chat and babble is truly international. If you have already acquired the basics of the language or are at the 'fluent Esperantist' stage then you will enjoy the course immensely and reap Esperanto rewards!

Multaj, el diversaj partoj de la mondo, volas partopreni la Someran Kurson. Kun bedaŭro ni devas atentigi, ke Esperanto-Asocio de Britio ne povas provizi studontojn per stipendioj aŭ per iu ajn financa aŭ alia subtenado por partopreni la kursaron. Krome ne eblas sendi invitleterojn aŭ similajn dokumentojn al studontoj, kiuj bezonas vizojn por eniri Brition, aŭ al ambasadejoj aŭ konsulejoj cele al akirado de vizo.

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Our Lernu! (formerly Course-you-Can) course is a residential weekend course specifically aimed at beginners and post beginners. The course aims to help you to read, write and speak Esperanto.

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Drondo (Diskut-rondo= discussion Circle)

An Esperanto Open Democracy Discussion group, known in Esperanto as 'Drondo' (short for 'Diskutrondo'!) is a stimulating weekend devoted to discussions on social, political and philosophical themes based on tried-and-tested topics. Discussions are based on notes which have created lively debate in the Blue Mugge Pub in Leek over the past several years. Conducted entirely in Esperanto (notes in Esperanto provided). For more details, see this Drondo background information sheet.

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The British Esperanto Congress

The British Congress is an annual celebration of Esperanto in Britain and has been held regularly for many years. Although this isn't a residential course as such, it's a great opportunity to listen to talks and discussions in Esperanto, and to meet and chat with Esperanto-speakers in an informal environment. The programme usually offers a few "conversation circle" events too, to give inexperienced speakers a more structured opportunity to exercise their language.

For more details about the British Esperanto Congress, visit the congress' own website.