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Accelerated course


As with all our courses, the Accelerated includes support from a tutor who is an experienced Esperanto-speaker. He/she will monitor your progress by checking your answers, highlighting and explaining any areas that you have misunderstood, and answer any questions or queries that you may have as you learn the language.

The course comprises:

Unfortunately this course is currently unavailable as the core textbook is out of print.

EAB offers a range of different level exams for those who would like to gain a certificate and the work-book includes a practise paper for the Intermediate level exam.

In addition, we recommend purchasing:

Step by Step, by Montague Butler. Although this was published a while ago, it is nevertheless an excellent reference grammar with index. Copies turn up occasionally in our second-hand book stock, so if you are interested please ask at the office.

Faktoj kaj Fantazioj, by Marjorie Boulton [see price and order online]. This is a collection of short stories, poems, jokes and anecdotes from around the world, written in clear, straightforward Esperanto. A book to 'dip into' and one to consider buying when you are about half-way through the course.