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Advanced course

We recommend that Advanced students follow the Internacia Perfektiga Koresponda Kurso. It is suitable for those who have completed the Elementary..! course, or for those who have reached an equivalent standard of learning by other methods. It assumes a knowledge of foundation grammar and basic vocabulary, so this course is not suitable for absolute beginners.

You will be applying, practising and developing your knowledge of Esperanto grammar through reading, answering open-ended comprehension exercises and creative writing. The exercises will help to build your confidence in the advanced application of grammar and style. You choose how much or how little to write for your answers, and the course is very student-friendly; you may complete a whole lesson before submitting your answers or may send a few exercises at a time, if you prefer.

There are twenty-six lessons, which take you through the simulated life of an Esperanto Club; you 'participate' in lectures and readings, poems and discussions, and so learn about Esperanto literature, history and culture. This affords excellent preparation for the international exams. Each lesson includes explanations (where necessary), abundant exercises and a 'culture quiz'.

The tutor for this course is its author Boris Kolker, a renowned Russian Esperantist and a member of the Academy of Esperanto. He will monitor your progress by checking your answers, highlighting and explaining any areas that you have misunderstood, and answer questions or queries that you may have as you learn the language.

Course costs
EAB can supply the books and can act as an agent for the tuition, so you can make a single payment in Pounds Sterling to EAB; all subsequent communication will then be between you and Boris Kolker. (Alternatively, you may pay him for the tuition directly, but in that case you have to arrange international payment in Euros or US Dollars.)

Reminder: This course assumes that you have a reasonable basic vocabulary and a knowledge of foundation grammar: All material, instruction and tuition are in Esperanto. It is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Also recommended
We also recommend these two books by Bill Auld: Paŝoj al Plena Posedo [see price and order online]. and Traduku! [see price and order online], for those who wish to perfect their translation skills.