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Media courses

Below we give links for a variety of media-based courses that you might like to try. These are not supported by EAB but they are recommended by us as being a suitable and effective method of learning. As the two courses that we currently list target different audiences (one aiming at children & the other at adults) it should be fairly easy to chose the course most appropriate for your needs. However, please do note that these courses are far from being intended exclusively for any one age group and can be enjoyed by all.

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Mazi in Gondolando

This is a twelve part cartoon-style course presented entirely in Esperanto, which is aimed at young children. It is the Esperanto version of the renowned BBC language course. It is professionally produced and ideal for stimulating interest and awareness in children.

Although the original video tape version is no longer available, the material has found its way onto several video-sharing sites, for example Youtube (all lessons) or as clips of one lesson at a time (if those particular links don't work, use that site's "search" facility to search for "mazi en gondolando").

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Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo

This is a 15 part live-action video course designed chiefly for adult beginners, which aims to teach basic, practical language through day-to-day situations in a humourous way. Amusing, interesting and stimulating it comes with exercises and notes.

This material has also found its way onto several video-sharing sites, for example Youtube, but can also be bought from the publishers Esperanto-USA as a set of 4 DVD discs+ 2 CDs; click here for more details.