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Please note - this course is currently out of stock. Please contact us to discuss its availability and alternative options.

This course is specially written to be easy to follow and motivating to use; it does not assume any existing knowledge of foreign languages or language concepts. It is equally suitable for those starting to learn Esperanto from scratch or for those wanting to deepen and consolidate knowledge learnt via the Free Taster Course.

"Elementary,..!" is based on an intriguing spy story, and its lessons cover basic grammar and vocabulary to give you a good working knowledge of Esperanto, for writing letters, reading articles, and chatting to other Esperantists. The course includes listening tasks and an opportunity to converse with your tutor on the phone to practise speaking and correct pronunciation.

All our courses include support from a tutor, who will monitor your progress by checking answers, highlighting and explaining any areas that you may have misunderstood, and answer any questions or queries that you may have as you learn the language. You can correspond with your tutor by post or by e-mail.

The course comprises:

[see Elementary..! course price and order online].

Available separately as optional components:

Optional downloads:

Students who have paid for the "Elementary,..!" course can also access the course's materials and some of the optional components online, e.g. to download the texts into an e-reader, and/or to download the audio files into an MP3/music player. The "Elementary,..!" online site with its (password-protected) downloads is: ../eldonoj/elementary/index.htm.

Potential Canadian students seeking tutorial support should contact Kim Keeble.