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Free Taster course

What does the course consist of?
Our twelve-part free taster course is designed to give you a quick introduction to Esperanto. Each lesson is self-contained and teaches grammatical points by example and lists vocabulary needed for the exercises. Each lesson has up to twenty sentences to be translated either into or from Esperanto. The sentences are carefully graded to include all the grammatical points taught in any particular lesson and to reinforce points taught previously. These sentences are sent to your tutor for checking. Click here to download a copy of the first lesson.

Start learning for free, now!

How long will it take?
The course will last as long as it takes you to work through each lesson and send them to your tutor! You set the pace and can do as much or as little as you like at any one time. We recommend steady learning, though, so that you gain maximum benefit from the course.

What help will my 'tutor' give?
Throughout the course your tutor will comment as necessary and will explain any points that seem to be troubling you. Please feel free to ask any additional questions about Esperanto or activities or events that are held locally, nationally or internationally. He/she will keep you informed of news and events and local meetings which you might like to attend.

What else can I expect?
We want you to succeed and to enjoy the course so your tutor will send you various 'extras' when you reach certain lessons so that you can use and practise the language.

What next?
You will receive a finisher's pack from the EAB office, giving details of our other courses and an example of our national newsletter, 'Update!' Having successfully completed the course you will also be eligible to attend our next residential 'Lernu!' (formerly 'course-you-can') course for beginners and post-beginners at a reduced rate. You will be invited to join EAB and continue your involvement with the language.

This course is for residents of the UK only. Residents of Canada can access a Canadian version by contacting Kim Keeble.