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Web-based courses

Below we give links for a variety of web-based courses that you might like to try. Duolingo is supported by EAB; the others are not supported by EAB but we still suggest them as being a suitable and effective method of learning. We suggest that you have a look at all those available and then choose whichever you think would suit you best.

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Duolingo is an extremely popular online course for people looking to learn languages, and Esperanto is one of the most popular languages served. Duolingo is available online, free of charge and without advertisments. EAB Esperanto teachers and members have contributed to the Esperanto version.
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Lernu! is an excellent site offering beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in multiple languages. Learn Esperanto easily and for free! This site is a vast international collaboration, supported by many different authors, teachers and tutors.
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Word of the day

Word-of-the-day gives you a new Esperanto word to learn every day, with its English meaning, an example of use, and an audio pronunciation guide. Use Word-of-the-day to expand and refresh your vocabulary.

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ELNA - course

This is a course run by ELNA - our American counterparts. Although the site does not give much information about the content, we have it on good authority that it is a worthwhile course to follow. Have a look at the FAQ on the site which give a bit more help.

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Kurso de Esperanto

This free program for Windows, Mac or Linux computers contains computer-based drill exercises to practise grammar, vocabulary, listening and pronunciation; it can complement other beginners' courses by giving you extra practice. You can download it for free to install on your computer.