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Esperanto events

Typically, many residential and non-residential Esperanto events occur each year - some annually, but many on a one-off basis.

For a listing of Esperanto events taking place in Britain, see the EAB Events page.
For a full listing of future (worldwide) events we recommend that you visit Eventoj.

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The British Esperanto Congress

The British Congress is an annual celebration of Esperanto in Britain and has been held regularly for many years. Esperantists come together from all over to participate in (usually) a three-day event which includes the Annual General Meeting of the Esperanto Association of Britain.

A local committee selects a venue and prepares a programme of lectures, discussion groups, meetings, excursions and entertainment which means that there is something for everyone. The congress is a great place to catch up on Esperanto news and to speak the language while at the same time profiting from a range of activities and events.

For more details about the British Esperanto Congress, visit the congress' own website.