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Links to external websites

This page contains links to external websites that you may find of interest. In keeping with the subject matter of this site we have generally selected websites which provide educational resources related to Esperanto. However, you will also find links to other, more generic, sites that we think you may find interesting. Please note that we cannot be responsible for the content of external websites.

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Esperanto Association of Britain

The website of our parent organization - The Esperanto Association of Britain. You can read about our association, sign up as a member, browse our bookshop, view archives of our newsletter and journal, and see what Esperanto-related events are planned in the UK.

If live in the UK, contact us and we'll send you and information pack.

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Universal Esperanto Association

The Universal Esperanto Association was founded in 1908 as an organization of individual Esperantists. Currently UEA is the largest international organization for Esperanto speakers and has members in 117 countries. UEA works not only to promote Esperanto, but to stimulate discussion of the world language problem and to call attention to the necessity of equality among languages.

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The Language Prism is a website for and about languages targeting people who are interested in world languages and the prevention of language discrimination.

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Although this site is entirely in Esperanto, it is still worth looking for language exercises to suit your particular level. All exercises are clearly indicated as suitable for beginners, post-beginners, intermediate or advanced students and are produced by experienced international teachers.

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Learning-related web resources

Akademia Vortaro,
REVO Reta Vortaro.
Vikipedio - free Esperanto encyclopaedia.
Plena Manlibro de Esperanto-Gramatiko (PMEG):
detailed Grammar Handbook.
Esperanto en Sono (Literature):
a selection of Esperanto literature read aloud.