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This course is aims to make children 'language-aware' and give them an international perspective through learning Esperanto.

The first three children's colour workbooks are A4 format, each with six lessons, incorporating memory-maps, games, activities, instructions and details about the tutor. They present new words and items of grammar, and through varied exercises encourage manipulation of the language.

The first three Parents'/Teachers' Notes include lesson-by-lesson notes, suggested games and activities, detachable - or photocopiable - activity sheets, an alphabetical word-list, and lesson-by-lesson lists of the Esperanto words introduced compared to other languages. It also has pull-out activity cards to be used with the Esperanto version of The First Thousand Words.

The fourth children's colour workbook follows a child as she takes part in her first international children's gathering abroad. It helps to build vocabulary, and geographical and cultural knowledge. Also supplied are additional photocopiable worksheets, a full-colour map of the world and a pocket dictionary, to encourage independent learning and dictionary skills vital to successful language learning.

2 Audio CDs or 4 Cassettes include recordings of all new material. The first three parts also include course dialogues to encourage speaking, and specially written songs using the material introduced in the lessons.

Four Prizes are included in the course one of which the tutor will send to the child when returning each marked workbook. These are: an Esperanto puzzle mat; 'Happy Families'; an Esperanto puzzle tray; an entertaining 'Three Bears' book.

The course is available in a complete package [see price and order online],
or parts 1-4 may be purchased separately, if desired [see price and order online].

In addition, we recommend purchasing:
Esperanto Quiz-cards, with everyday general knowledge and facts about Esperanto. [see price and order online].