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EAB Bookshop Catalogue

This catalogue lists items normally held by the EAB book service. Tip: Use your browser's "Find" command to search for particular titles, authors or keywords on this page.

Please contact the EAB office by telephone or e-mail if you need to discuss your requirements, or confirm stock, pricing and postage.

To order online, click [add to cart] beside the relevant item(s), then when you have finished composing your order, proceed to the checkout to arrange payment.

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Children and fun-loving adults

Aboco   Penelope Vos   £14.50   [more details]   [add to cart]
Mondeto, Candelo, 2011, 34p, 21cm, colour-illustrated. An alphabet book with each letter illustrated by a Plasticine™ picture, plus the words for an alphabet song and a memory quiz. Its zig-zag folds can be opened as a 7 metre long wall-frieze, or used as a normal board-book. A free teacher's guide can be downloaded. ISBN 9780987062208.

Adelfjo Musdetektivo   Claudia-Maria Behling   £7.50   [add to cart]
Phoibos, Vienna, 2019, 31p, 18cm, colour-illustrated. The adventures of a mouse detective in roman-era Carnuntum. Translated from the German by R. Jacobek, with illustrations by Felicitas Girisch and Mona Mayerhofer. ISBN 9783851612042.


Aventuroj de Pinokjo, La   *NEW*   Carlo Collodi   £8.60   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2003, 156p, 21cm, illustrated. The classical story of a puppet who longs to become a boy. Translated from the Italian by J. Horvath with illustrations by Enrico Marzanti. ISBN 9071205916

Aventuroj de sinjoro Bruetulo, La   Danuša Dragulová-Faktorová   £6.70   [add to cart]
Espero, Partizáanske, 2019, 48p, 16cm, colour-illustrated. A charming book for children, full of educational allusions. Illustrated by Ján Mukulčik and translated by K. Nosková. ISBN 9788099902030.

Doctor Esperanto and the Language of Hope   Mara Rockliff   £10.00   [add to cart]
Candelwick, Somerville, 2019, 40p, 27cm, HB, colour-illustrated. Written in English for children, the story of how young Leyzer Zamenhof set out to create a new language connect people around the world… the rest is history! Illustrations by Zosia Dzierzawska. ISBN 9780763689155.

Eta Muso en Bretonio, La   François-Xavier Poulain   £9.10   [add to cart]
Éditions Rosebois, Mouvaux, 2017, 26p, 21cm, colour-illustrated. France's tooth fairy (a little mouse) visits the lighthouse keeper's daughter. Translated from the French by Michel Dechy with drawings by Olivier Bailly. ISBN 9791095684008.

Fabeloj de la neserioza heroo   Anna Striganova   £3.00   [add to cart]
Impeto, Moscow, 2019, 47p, 14cm, illustrated. A collection of short fables, with illustrations by the author. ISBN 978716103054.

Fabeloj pri amo   Anna Striganova   £3.00   [add to cart]
Impeto, Moscow, 2019, 47p, 14cm, illustrated. A collection of 21 one-page fables, with illustrations by the author. ISBN 9785716103023.

Foreign Languages: What they don't often tell you   Nicole Else   £5.90   [add to cart]
Sydney, 2009, 35p, 30cm, illustrated. A book about languages, in English, aimed towards children and young adults. Illustrations by Lilli Giloteaux. (Previous editions were titled "Mummy, why can't we all speak the same language?"). ISBN 9780980576603.

Krubalo, La   Julia Donaldson   £5.00   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2019, 32p, 27cm, colour-illustrated. A clever mouse avoids being eaten by invoking the name of "The Gruffalo". Translated from the English by Cyril Robert Brosch, Tim Morley and Duncan Thomson, edited by Edmund Grimley Evans, and illustrated by Alex Scheffler. ISBN 9780902756397.

Kvaronlando   Gina Ruck-Pauquèt   £11.50   [add to cart]
Frankfurt, 2005, 20p, 27cm, HB, illustrated. The grown-ups have decided that every country must have its own colour and the children want everything to be colourful - will they succeed? Translated by N. Caragea with illustrations by Brigitte Smith. ISBN 3000160663.

Novaj vestoj de la Imperiestro, La   H.C. Andersen   £5.00   [add to cart]
Koko, Copenhagen, 1964, 51p, 26cm, colour-illustrated, HB. The story of the emperor's new clothes, and two other fables, translated from the Danish by I. Schleicher.

Sekreto de la arbaro de Lascaux, La   Thierry Félix & Philippe Bigotto   £11.70   [add to cart]
Dolmen, Bassillac, 2010, 40p, 30cm, illustrated. Comic-strip drawings and photographs present the discovery of one of the world's most famous grottos. ISB 9782909630137.

Spaco sur la balail'   Julia Donaldson   £5.00   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2020, 32p, 28cm, colour-illustrated. A witch and her cat invite a dog, bird and frog to ride on her broomstick. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler, translated by Ian Carter, helped by Edmund Grimley Evans and Tim Owen. ISBN 9780902756342.

Suno sur la tablo - rakontoj pri lumigo   M. Iljin   £3.50   [add to cart]
Hajfo, 2007, 44p, 21cm. Factual stories about the history of lighting. Translated from the Russian by A. Kerbel.

Veturu al piedpilklando   Jeronimas Laucius   £3.60   [add to cart]
Tri steletoj, Vilnius, 2003, 16p, 29cm. A children's book which mocks the extremes found in today's world of sport. Translated by I. Tamosiuniene. ISBN 9955454598.

Winnie-La-Pu   A.A. Milne   £9.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1992, 173p, 19cm, illustrated. The classic children's story, translated by Ivy Kellerman Reed and Ralph A. Lewin with illustrations by E.H. Shephard. ISBN 9290170468.

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Correspondence courses

For details of EAB tutored courses and advice on learning support materials, please see our education web pages.

Please note that these EAB courses, with tutorial support, are only available to students in the UK. Students outside the UK may prefer to turn to instead, for local teaching support.

Advanced Esperanto Course   £100.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]
An advanced course, entirely in Esperanto, for students who have already mastered the basics of the language. Based on Vojaĝo en Esperanto-Lando by Boris Kolker.

Elementary Exam   £15.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]

Intermediate Exam   £17.50*   [more details]   [add to cart]

Advanced Exam - Written   £20.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]
If you pass EAB's "Advanced exam – written" plus the KER C1 oral exam, or if you pass the KER C1 written and KER C1 oral exams, then you can be awarded the EAB "Diploma" qualification. For more details about the KER (international) exams, see

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Correspondence course support

For details of EAB tutored courses and advice on learning support materials, please see our education web pages.

(see the sections on "Dictionaries", "Pronunciation Support" and "Study Materials", below.)

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Baza Esperanta Radikaro   Wouter F. Pilger   £6.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2010 (2nd edition), 196p, 18cm. Around 2950 Esperanto root words, explained in Esperanto. ISBN 9789290171089.

Being Colloquial in Esperanto   David K. Jordan   £13.20   [add to cart]
ELNA, El Cerrito, 1999 (2nd edition), 232p, 22cm. A reference work for English-speaking people. ISBN 0939785048.

EAB Mini-D   Edmund Grimley-Evans   £1.80   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2003, 64p, 15cm, PB. A pocket two-way dictionary with a basic core vocabulary (3000 words) plus a grammar summary. ISBN 9780902756205.

English - Esperanto - English Dictionary (HB) [Wells]   John C. Wells   £29.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2010, 508p, 23cm, HB. Over 30,000 words (in both directions) including many contemporary and technical terms, with a grammatical introduction. ISBN 9781595691507.

English - Esperanto - English Dictionary (PB) [Wells]   John C. Wells   £16.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2010, 508p, 21cm, PB. Over 30,000 words (in both directions) including many contempory and technical terms, with a grammatical introduction. ISBN 9781595691491.

Geiriadur Esperanto - Kimra Vortaro   John C. Wells   £3.46   [add to cart]
Group Five, London, 1985, 127p, 15cm. 3000 words, with an introduction in Welsh about Esperanto and vice-versa. ISBN 9780906632024.

Mil Unuaj Vortoj en Esperanto   Heather Amery   £5.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2020 (3rd edition), 64p, 30cm, colour-illustrated, PB. A colourful and lively picture-dictionary, ideal for children and adult beginners. The thousand Esperanto words, translated by Edmund Grimley-Evans, are illustrated by Stephen Cartwright in full colour. ISBN 9780902756311.

Poŝamiko   Allée & Kováts   £4.70   [more details]   [add to cart]
E-duKati, Den Haag, 2006, 40p, 15cm, colour-illustrated. A pocket-sized picture dictionary for beginners, illustrating 40 everyday themes ("the body"; "drinks"; "clothes"; "animals" etc.) Includes grammatical summaries, short texts, and several exercises. ISBN 9789078519010.

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(Also see the "Theatre" section, below.)

Baltmara sukceno (DVD)   £6.60*   [add to cart]
Kaŭnus, 2003. Interesting film about amber, in an area of outstanding beauty. 20 min, PAL (625 lines/50 Hz).

Duonokulvitro, La (DVD)   Aŭgusto Baissac   £8.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2006. An amusing monologue; the first known piece written for theatre in Esperanto, originally published in 1905. The DVD won a prize at the Belartaj Konkursoj de UEA in 2005. It includes optional subtitles and (on a computer) text, exercises and essay. 14 min, PAL (625 lines/50 Hz).

Flying an Octopus (DVD)   £26.40*   [add to cart]
Parma Productions, USA, 2004. A documentary on the world's first piloted latex balloon sculpture. Commentary in English and Esperanto, subtitles in English, Esperanto, Spanish, Portuguese. 56 min, PAL (625 lines/50 Hz).

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Aliulo, La   Serĝo Elgo   £13.40   [add to cart]
SAT, Paris, 2011, 218p, 18cm. The sixth crime story by this French author. A successful engineer finds that someone else appears to be taking over his identity, but who, and why? ISBN 9782918053064.

Amiko el la junaĝo de Maigret   Georges Simenon   £10.45   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2004, 127p, 20cm. Maigret receives a visit from an old schoolmate whose mistress has been shot dead. His friend is one of the suspects - along with the dead woman's four other lovers, each unknown to the others! Translated by D. Luez.

Amo inter ruinoj   Trevor Steele   £13.10   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2016, 230p, 21cm. An Australian searches for love through Esperanto, in the disintegrating Soviet Union. ISBN 9789077066553.

Amo kaj malamo   Julian Modest   £8.50   [add to cart]
Eldonejo Libera, Lulu, 2019, 111p, 21cm. At his 40th birthday party Plamen Filov finds a threatening letter, and a week later he is murdered. Can commissar Kalojan Safirov solve the case? ISBN 9780244756901.

Assassin's mark, The   David Ebsworth   £9.99   [add to cart]
SilverWood Books, Bristol, 2013, 334p, 22.6cm, PB. A thriller set on a battlefield tour bus towards the end of the Spanish Civil War. In English, but with some Esperanto dialogue and using Esperanto as a plot device. ISBN 9781781321003.

Aventuroj de Ŝerloko Holmso, La   Arthur Conan Doyle   £18.80   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2013, 248p, 20cm. A collection of 12 short stories about the famous detective. Translated from the English by István Ertl, Hoss Firooznia, Reinhard Fössmeier, Edmund Grimley Evans, Paul Gubbins, Sten Johansson, Trevor Steele, Russ Williams. Foreword and footnotes by Aleksander Korĵenkov.

Ĉashundo de la Baskerviloj, La   Arthur Conan Doyle   £12.70   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2010 (2nd edition), 167p, 20cm. The famous detective story featuring Sherlock Holmes. Translated from the English by William Auld.

Ĉirkaŭ la mondo dum 80 tagoj   Jules Verne   £18.60   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2008, 224p, 20cm. A classic adventure story; Phileas Fogg attempts to circumnavigate the world in 80 days to win a bet. Translated from the French by Jean-Luc Tortel.

Ĉu ŝi mortu tra-fike?   Johán Balano   £9.25   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2000, 74p, 23cm. 'Crime and sex fantasy' in well-written but not-quite-decent language. The fifth in the Jano Karal series. ISBN 3901752188.

Ĉu vi konas Blaise Cendrars?   Manuel de Seabra   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2007, 86p, 23cm. During a war for independence in Africa, a colonial soldier and a guerrilla borrow books from each other, risking their lives. ISBN 3010000332.

Ĉu vi kuiras Ĉine?   Johán Valano   £9.90   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 1996, 135p, 23cm, PB. A detective novel about the hunt for the murderer of a young revolutionary. The first in the 'Jano Karal' series. ISBN 3901752021.

Diabolik, reĝo de teroro, La   Angela & Luciana Giussani   £5.50   [add to cart]
Edistudio, Pisa, 2009, 140p, 21cm, illustrated. Graphic novel about Diabolik, a ruthless anti-hero, thief and master of disguise. Translated by project RoMEo from the 1962 original Italian work that spawned a genre. ISBN 9788870360837.

Dio ne havas eklezion   Trevor Steele   £10.00   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2015, 168p, 21cm. A reporter discovers love and life on a distant island recovering from a tsunami, but then uncovers a plan by an unscrupulous corporation which will destroy this paradise. ISBN 9789077066546.

Dio, psiĉjo kaj mi   Claude Piron   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2007, 173p, 23cm. A series of dialogues between a psychotherpist and a patient with extraordinary mystical experiences. ISBN 9783010000369.

Dormanto vekiĝas, La   H. G. Wells   £12.60   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2008, 214p, 21cm. A man wakes after a 200-year sleep to find that his bank account has grown but society has changed. Translated by A. F. Milward.

Enigmo de l' ar@neo, La   Abel Montagut   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2003, 279p, 23cm. This novel, presented as a collection of e-mail messages, starts with an anonymous death threat. ISBN 3010000308.

Erevono   Samuel Butler   £1.30   [add to cart]
London, 1978, 183p, 22cm. Utopian satirical novel, translated by Alec Venture.

Fermita urbo, La   István Nemere   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2000 (2nd edition), 158p, 23cm. A science-fiction novel about an subterannian colony from the middle ages. ISBN 3901752196.

Flugi kun kakatuoj   Trevor Steele   £13.50   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2010, 254p, 21cm. An original novel about the invasion and occupation of Western Australia by British immigrants. ISBN 9789077066461.

Fotoalbumo (vol 1), La   Trevor Steele   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2001, 366p, 23cm. The story of an Australian family in Queensland, from 1939 to 1965. ISBN 3901752269.

Fotoalbumo (vol 2), La   Trevor Steele   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2005, 165p, 23cm. The continuing story of an Australian family, from 1966-1969, mainly from the viewpoint of the second generation. ISBN 3901752269.

Fotoalbumo fermiĝas, La   Trevor Steele   £5.50   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2019, 77p, 21cm. The closing chapter in the story of the Australian O'Shea family. ISBN 9789077066591

Granda kaldrono, la (e-book)   John Francis   £2.50*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAS, Edinburgh, 2017, 592p, e-book (Kindle-compatible). An epic novel with a Scottish background which moves constantly between the two world wars.

Heliko sur deklivo   Arkadij & Boris Strugackij   £13.75   [add to cart]
Impeto, Moscow, 2007, 247p, 20cm. A classic of Soviet science fiction. Translated by Mikaelo Bronŝtejn. ISBN 9785716101685.

Hobito, La   J.R.R. Tolkien   £15.00   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2005, 224p, 21cm, illustrated, PB. Translated by C. Gledhill (prose) and W.Auld (poems). The amazing fantasy tale from the author of 'Lord of the Rings'.

Kaj staros tre alte …   Trevor Steele   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2006, 293p, 23cm. An original novel inspired by the life of Jesus. ISBN 3010000340.

Kisa malsano, La   Sándor J. Bako & Claude Piron   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2000, 119p, 23cm. The second in the series "Tiaj ni estas". In the title story by Claude Piron everyone in a town has an urge to kiss - apart from the esperantists. Also contains nine short stories by S. J. Bako. ISBN 390175217X.

Kredu min Sinjorino!   Cezaro Rossetti   £14.70   [add to cart]
Edistudio, Pisa, 1990, 278p, 21cm, HB. Amusing episodes from the life of a door-to-door salesman. ISBN 8870360407.

Kvazaŭ ĉio dependus de mi   Trevor Steele   £15.00   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2009, 342 p, 21cm. In 1930's Germany, a journalist struggles against the rise of fascism. This novel is inspired by the lives of Karl von Ossietzky and Kurt Tucholsky. ISBN 9789077066416.

Lando de la blinduloj, La   H G Wells   £3.20   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2006 (2nd edition), 26p, 21cm. An explorer stumbles on an isolated community of blind people, and recalls the proverb 'In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king'. But events don't turn out that way... Translated by E. W. Amos.

Lupino kaj Aliaj Rakontoj, La   Saki (H. H. Munroe)   £8.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Cambridge, 2005, 154p, 20cm. A collection of satirical short stories, each with a wry twist at the end. Translated by Edmund Grimley-Evans. ISBN 0902756249.

Maigret eraras   Georges Simenon   £10.45   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2009, 128p, 20cm. Maigret investigates the murder of a young woman, living well beyond her means in a luxury apartment with a saxophone player. Translated by D. Luez.

Meteoro, La   Sándor J. Bako & Claude Piron   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2002, 135p, 23cm. 27 short stories. This is the third volume in the series "Tiaj ni estas". ISBN 3010000316.

Mirinda sorĉisto de Oz, La   Frank L. Baum   £12.80   [add to cart]
Bero, Berkeley, 2000, 144p, 21cm, illustrated. This needs no introduction to fans of the 'wonderful wizard' who will appreciate the translation by Harold R. Dreyer and illustrated by WW Denslow. ISBN 1882251318.

Morto de Artisto   Anna Löwenstein   £15.00   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2008, 619p, 21cm. A historical novel about the friendship between a young slave and the future emperor Nero. ISBN 9789077066393.

Murdo en la parko   Julian Modest   £6.50   [add to cart]
Eldonejo Libera, Lulu, 2018, 78p, 21cm. A young journalist is shot dead in the park near her home. Why was she murdered? ISBN 9780244965556.

Neniu ajn papilio   Trevor Steele   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2000, 337p, 23cm. The experiences of a young Briton in 1960's Germany, who finds himself runing a refuge for survivors of Nazi atrocities. (Reviewers warn of plentiful typographical errors.) ISBN 3901752218.

Pasteĉo   Sten Johansson   £7.75   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2005, 167p, 18cm, illustrated, PB. A collection of 25 parodies of different Esperanto authors' styles.

Planoj de Bruce Partington, La   Arthur Conan Doyle   £5.10   [add to cart]
Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2011, 35p, 21cm. Sherlock Holmes investigates when top-secret submarine plans go missing, in mysterious circumstances. Translated from the English by M. Lennartz. ISBN 9783842373174.

Paradizo ŝtelita   Trevor Steele   £15.99   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2012, 333p, 20cm. An original novel about the last aboriginal natives on the Australian island of Tasmania. ISBN 9789077066492.

Rakonto de kampara bubo   Bruno Najbaro   £3.00   [add to cart]
LEA, Riga, 1994, 116p, 20cm. Autobiographical stories of the life of a British Latvian.

Remember and forget   Trevor Steele   £2.80   [add to cart]
Vienna, 1995, 123p, 23cm. In English. Tales from North Australia, translated from the original Esperanto by the author. ISBN 3851820274.

Sangofragoj   Jiří Kupka   £15.00   [add to cart]
Kartuziana eldonejo, Brno, 2018, 239p, 21cm. The touching tale of a woman who spent 19 years in a soviet gulag. Translated by J. Werner. ISBN 9788087864920.

Serpentoj en la Puto   István Nemere   £15.50   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2009, 184p, 20cm. In a west-European city, fanatical Islamic terrorists struggle against equally fanatical police.

Stone City, The   Anna Löwenstein   £9.50   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2016, 288p, 21cm. The English-language version of Anna Löwenstein's historical Esperanto novel "la ŝtona urbo" about a captive from Celtic Britain who is transported to Rome. In English. ISBN 9781595693129.

Surklifa   Serĝo Elgo   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2000, 214p, 23cm. Inspector Kramer investigates strange goings-on in a mountain villa. ISBN 3901752161.

Ŝia lasta poŝtkarto   Serĝo Elgo   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2002 (2nd edition), 200p, 23cm. Inspector Kramer investigates the sudden and mysterious disappearance of a young woman. ISBN 3010000294.

Ŝtona urbo, La   Anna Löwenstein   £18.00   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2008, 348p, 21cm. A captive from Celtic Britain is transported to Rome, builds a new life, and becomes caught up in political and religious intrigue. Carefully written using a "fundamenta" vocabulary to evoke a sense of history. ISBN 9071205770.

Tago de kiborgiĝo, La / The day we became cyborg   Hju Rid   £8.50   [add to cart]
Espero, Slovakia, 2018, 220p, 21cm. A collection of science fiction stories in the cyberpunk style, interspersed with essays about advanced technologies. In Esperanto and English. A sequel is due in early 2019. ISBN 9788089366927.

Tago kiam Jesuo perfidis Judason, La   Manuel de Seabra   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2001, 135p, 23cm. One of the most famous stories of humanity, from an unusual viewpoint. ISBN 390175220X.

Tempo-maŝino, La   H.G. Wells   £7.40   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2006, 82p, 21cm. The famous story of a time traveller who discovers what the future holds for the human race. Translated by E.W. Amos.

Tero, kiu volis forflugi, La   Dmitrij Ŝevĉenko, Anna Striganova   £8.65   [add to cart]
Impeto, Moscow, 2009, 110p, 20cm. Two fictional and philosophical tales, to make you think and dream. ISBN 9785716101975.

Tri rakontoj pri la miljara paco   John Francis   £7.69   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 1997, 117p, 21cm. Allegorical stories about the Juglando-empire and its neighbours, in the style of Gulliver's Travels. ISBN 9071205665.

Vita nova/Vivo nova   Dante Alighieri   £8.80   [add to cart]
Fonto, Chapecó, 2003, 167p, 21cm. The first love story of Italian literature. Parallel presentation of the Italian text and an Esperanto translation by E. Dondi.

Zodiakidoj kaj aliaj rakontoj, La   Rudyard Kipling   £7.80   [add to cart]
Fonto, Chapecó, 1997, 87p, 21cm. Five short stories, translated by Kate Hall.

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Magazine subscriptions

(Prices quoted are for a 2021 annual subscription, for delivery to the United Kingdom.)

Brita Esperantisto, La (subscription)   £25.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]
(Esperanto-language) journal of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio; general-interest articles with a focus on British Esperantists. Typically 40p per issue (full colour), 2 issues per year. An online option is available on request. Price includes full membership of EAB, and quarterly bulletin 'EAB Update' too.

EAB Update (subscription)   £15.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]
Newsletter of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio; news of the association and activities of British Esperantists. An online option is available on request. Price includes supporter membership of EAB. 4p per issue (full colour), 4 issues per year.

Esperanto Revuo (subscription)   £41.00*   [add to cart]
UEA's magazine about the world of Esperanto, 11 issues per year. (Alternatively, subscribe to UEA-MA or UEA-MB and you'll receive (MA) paper / (MB) online Esperanto as part of that subscription – see the "UEA Subscriptions" section, below.) ISSN 0014-0635.

Jaro, La (subscription, surface mail)   £6.20*   [more details]   [add to cart]

Jaro, La (subscription, air mail)   £8.90*   [more details]   [add to cart]
A pocket diary for the year, incorporating a mini-encyclopaedia listing details (statistics, national holidays, capital city, dialling code etc.) of every country. 1 issue per year.

Kontako (subscription)   £23.00*   [add to cart]
The magazine "in Esperanto, but not about Esperanto" published by TEJO with topics of interest for young Esperantists; 6 issues per year. (Alternatively, if you're under 30 years old, subscribe to UEA-MA or UEA-MB and you'll receive (MA) paper / (MB) online Kontakto as part of that subscription – see the "UEA Subscriptions" section, below.) ISSN 0023-3692.

Monato (subscription, airmail)   £57.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]

Monato (subscription, surface mail)   £54.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]

Monato (subscription, e-mail)   £32.40*   [more details]   [add to cart]
Magazine presenting international current affairs; its reports of events are written in the countries where they occur. 32p per issue, 11 issues per year, ISSN 0772-456.

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Amu min (CD)   Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa   £18.35*   [add to cart]
Spånga, 2003, 44 min. 12 songs, written by Mikaelo Bronŝtein. Includes booklet of lyrics.

Carina kantas por vi en Esperanto (CD)   Carina Gerlach   £21.10*   [add to cart]
JomArt, Stockholm, 2009, 28 min. Ten songs performed by young Caraina Gerlach, accompanied by her parents Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa.

JoMo slavumas (CD)   Jo Mo   £25.40*   [add to cart]
Vinilkosmo, Donneville, 2006, 70 min. 24 tracks of music adapted from or inspired by a variety of eastern-European styles.

ĴomArtaĵoj la ruĝa albumo (CD)   Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa   £25.40*   [add to cart]
JomArt, Stockholm, 2009, 35:44 min, 12 tracks. New performances of some of Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa's best loved songs.

Kantanta mia bird   Margaret Hill & William Auld   £1.85   [add to cart]
BEA, London, 1973, 95p, 20cm. Esperanto translations of 58 British folk songs including melodies and guitar chords.

Kanto Ĝenerala   Pablo Neruda   £3.50   [add to cart]
SAT, Paris, 2010, 22p, 20cm. A booklet of nine poems, set to music by Mikis Theodorakis, translated from the Spanish by Georges Lagrange, Michel Duc Goninaz and Bernard Behra.

Londono kantas (CD)   LEK   £4.10*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, London, 1983, 51 min. Twenty popular songs sung by the London Esperanto Choir. Includes a 12-page booklet of the words.

Lokomotivo, rulu nun! (CD)   Kajto   £13.10*   [add to cart]
Windrose Music, Drachten, 1994, 51 min. 15 songs about trains. Includes booklet.

Masko (CD)   Kajto   £17.40*   [add to cart]
Vinilkosmo, Donneville, 1999, 28 min. Ten songs from the popular Dutch Group

Plaĉas al mi (CD)   Kaj Tiel Plu   £23.60*   [add to cart]
Vinilkosmo, Donneville, 2004, 45 min. 16 medieval-style musical pieces, in styles Catalonian/ Occitanian/ Sefardic/ Andalusian. Includes text booklet.

Sojle de la klara temp' (CD)   Kaj Tiel Plu   £15.40*   [add to cart]
Vinilkosmo, Donneville, 2000, 29 min. Folk music from Catalonia/Occitania in medieval style.

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Afero de espero   Heidi Goes   £8.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2007, 86p, 21cm, PB. A concise history of the Esperanto movement in Africa. ISBN 978929170969.

Asocio, La   Ziko van Dijk   £18.50   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2008, 301p, 21cm, illustrated. A collection of studies and sketches about the Universala Esperanto-Asocio, including the Holdler library, the statute of UEA, the history of the association, and some lighter topics. ISBN 9789077066379.

Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto   Geoffrey Sutton   £52.80   [more details]   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2008, 740p, 23cm, HB. A comprehensive and well documented overview of 120 years of Esperanto literature, its history, evolution and modern development, and with over 300 individual articles on the most important writers and their work. In English. ISBN 9781595690906.

Costs of European Linguistic (Non) Communication, The   Ed. Reinhard Selten   £15.30   [add to cart]
ERA, Rome, 1997, 148p, 24cm. Studies on the financial and social costs of communications in EU. In English, translated by J. Chaloff.

Dangerous Language   Ulrich Lins   £30.00   [add to cart]
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016 & 2017, 479p, 23cm, illustrated. A detailed history in two volumes about "Esperanto under Hitler and Stalin", and "Esperanto and the Decline of Stalinism". In English, translated from the Esperanto by Humprey Tonkin. ISBN 9781137549167 & 9781352000191.

Danĝera lingvo, La   Ulrich Lins   £15.30   [add to cart]
Progreso, Rotterdam, 2016, 399p, 19cm (revised edition). A detailed history about the attacks against the Esperanto Movement, particularly under Hitler and Stalin but also in Tsarist Russia and in the League of Nations. ISBN 9789290171287.

Diverskolore   Trevor Steele   £8.90   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2005, 111p, 20cm. A collection of short stories and essays, in five parts: colours of India; colours of other countries; in review; colours of childhood; short stories.

Dr John Buchanan - an Esperanto legacy to the University of Liverpool   Angela Tellier   £12.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
Esperanto-UK, Barlaston, 2013, 116p, 25cm, illustrated. The bequest of Dr John Buchanan funds a lectureship and prizes in Esperanto at the University of Liverpool. This book explores its history and work. In English. ISBN 9780902756366.

Early History of Esperanto in the United Kingdom, The   Bill Chapman   £5.00   [add to cart]
Coast & Country, Conwy, 2019, 264p, 23cm, PB. The result of decades of curiosity and research, this book in English presents a detailed history of Esperanto and its pioneers across the UK in the years up to 1918. ISBN 9781099700446.

Elektitaj paroladoj kaj prelegoj   Ivo Lapenna   £8.80   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2009, 166p, 21cm. Talks and lectures on Esperanto, its community, and several aspects of our language and culture. ISBN 9789290171102.

Esperanto Language, The   Frank Nuessel   £25.40   [add to cart]
Legas, Ottawa, 2000, 153p, 23cm. In English. Chapters include The Esperanto Language; A Zamenhof biography; The Esperanto Movement. The author is a linguistic professor at the University of Louisville. ISBN 0921252951.

Fonto (DVD-ROM)   ed. Gersi Alfredo Bays   £12.40*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2010. The complete collection of the literary review Fonto, readable in any web browser. All 312 issues (Vol.1 No.1 1980 to Vol.26 No.312 2006) - 11812 pages in all – on disc as JPEG and PDF page images, with navigation menus.

Hidden Perverse Effects of the Current System of International Communication, The   Claude Piron   £2.40   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2004, 154p, 21cm. In English. The work, organisation, culture and history of the movement for the adoption of the international language. ISBN 01652575.

Home en senhomeco   Martin Stuppnig   £11.00   [add to cart]
Kava Pech, Dobřichovice, 2016, 191p, 20cm. In this memoir from second world war, a fervent Esperantist is conscripted into the Wermacht to fight in Yugoslavia and Italy, before becoming a prisoner of war in Africa. Translated from the German by J. Horvath. ISBN 9788087169711.

Homoj de Putin   Kalle Kniivilä   £12.00   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2014, 165p, 21cm. A record of the Finnish author's travels in Russia, exploring the opinions of the people supporting the Russian politician. ISBN 9290170581.

Homaj rajtoj: demandoj kaj respondoj   Leah Levin   £6.75   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1998, 140p, 21cm, illustrated. The UNESCO guidebook on protecting and promoting human rights. Translated by E. Grimley Evans. ISBN 9290170581.

Idoj de la imperio: la rusoj en Baltio   Kalle Kniivilä   £15.10   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2016, 185p, 22cm. Travelling through the Baltic lands of the former soviet republic, the author interviews Russians living there. ISBN 9781595693198.

Informado praktike   Ziko van Dijk   £12.80   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2007, 111p, 20cm. A practical handbook for everyone who wants to publicise and promote Esperanto. ISBN 9789077066294.

Krimeo estas nia; reveno de la imperio   Kalle Kniivilä   £11.00   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2015, 152p, 22cm. An impartial narrator traveling through Crimea, Ukraine and Russia describes how life is there now, and how it has or hasn't changed, since the annexation events of 2014. ISBN 9781595692948.

Ksenofobia gvidlibro al la nederlandoj   Rodney Bolt   £4.75   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2008, 62p, 18cm, PB. A foreigner's view of a nation of red-cheeked peasants, living in windmills with clogs in the wardrobe, tulips in the garden and round cheeses in the larder. Translated from the English by Simon Davies.

Kulturo kaj teknologio   Andrew O. Urevbu   £3.00*   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1997, 63p, 21cm. Discussion on transplanting technology to other cultures, in the context of the UNESCO Decade for Cultural Development. Translated by J.Rapley. ISBN 9290170530.

Leteroj el Svedio   Harold Brown   £3.50   [more details]   [add to cart]
Londona E-Klubo, London, 2003, 52p, 21cm, illustrated. A collection one- and two-page articles sent by Harold Brown to the London Esperanto Club, about amusing and unusual events in Sweden. Light reading, includes a glossary of unfamiliar words to help beginners. ISBN 0902756192.

Lingvo kaj menso   Noam Chomsky   £8.20   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2010, 188p, 21cm. A collection of essays on language and mind, which made a groundbreaking contribution to linguistic theory. Translated from the English by E. Grimley Evans. ISBN 9789290171140.

Lingvo kaj vivo   Gaston Waringhien   £7.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1989 (2nd revised edition), 452p, 21cm. An elegant collection of essays about the sources and structure of Esperanto: one of mainstays of Esperantology. ISBN 9290170425.

Metodiko de la Esperanto-instruado   Rudolf Rakuša   £4.75   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1991, 189p, 20cm. A basic pedagogical guidebook for teachers of the International Language. ISBN 929017045X.

Multilingualism, Language, Power, and Knowledge   ed. Paolo Valore   £17.50   [add to cart]
Edistudio, Pisa, 2011, 173p, 21cm. The text of nine lectures presented at an international conference on multilingualism by Pinto, Sorace, Corsetti, Jansen, Tosco, Giolfo, Sinatora, Castorina, Astori and Miduri. In English (six texts) and Italian (three texts). ISBN 9788870368093.

Nia diligenta kolegaro   Halina Gorecka, Aleksander Korĵenkov   £26.55   [add to cart]
Sezonoj/LEA, Kaliningrad/Kaunas, 2018, 320p, 25cm, illustrated. A biography of 200 eminent Esperantists, with notes and photos. ISBN 9786099508764.

Nova Esperanta krestomatio   Ed. W. Auld   £7.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1991, 510p, 21cm. A vast panorama of texts drawn from the whole history of Esperanto; stories, outstanding translations, scientific and linguistic essays, poems about Esperanto and an anthology of poetry from 73 languages. Complements and continues Zamenhof's Fundamenta Krestomatio. ISBN 9290170433.

Ordeno de verda plumo   Josip Pleadin   £26.00   [add to cart]
Grafokom, Đurđevac, 2006, 272p, 25cm, illustrated. This lexicon of Esperanto-language writers has biographies of 901 authors, 248 pseudonyms and 461 photos. It is an invaluable resource for all researchers in Esperanto literature. ISBN 9539697557.

Pado al Paradizo; Clarence Bicknell kaj la Valo de la Mirindaĵoj   Christopher Chippindale   £13.00   [add to cart]
IEF, Milan, 2018, 78p, 22cm, colour-illustrated. A bibliography of Clarence Bicknell, British Esperanto pioneer, botanist and archaeologist. Translated from the English by Humphrey Tonkin. ISBN 9788896582220.

Pledo por unueca lingvo   Rikardo Ŝulco   £7.00   [add to cart]
E-Centro, Paderborn, 1985, 286p, 21cm. Technical essays on the "fundamendo" and "analiza skolo" of Esperanto. ISBN 3922570429.

Pri homoj kaj verkoj   Ed. Michela Lipari and Humphrey Tonkin   £7.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2012, 143p, 24cm. Eleven essays about Esperanto culture and literature, by authors Eva Tófalvi, Lena Karpunina, Carmel Mallia, Krys Ungar, Sten Johansson, Gonçalo Neves, Alberto García Fumero, Jukka Pietiläinen, Geoffrey Sutton. Winners of the UEA belartaj konkursoj. ISBN 9789290171164.

Relativeco per bildoj   Wilfrid Atkinson   £5.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2006, 104p, 21cm, 73 illustrations. The ideas of Albert Einstein, explained through diagrams and geometry. ISBN 9780902756267.

Rubenaj refrenoj   Ed. Paul Gubbins   £7.92   [add to cart]
Bero, Berkeley, 2001, 53p, 22cm. A collection of 6 essays in honour of 40 years of the Esperanto Summer School at Barlaston. Contributions from Paul himself, Marjorie Boulton, Bill Simcock, Anna Löwenstein, Tim Carr and Renato Corsetti. ISBN 1882251369.

Sed homoj kun homoj   Ziko M. Sikosek   £9.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2005, 197p, 24cm, illustrated. A history of the World Esperanto Congress (Universala Kongreso) from 1905 to 2005. The title is taken from Zamenhof's address at the first event: "today we meet, not as Frenchmen with Englishmen, Russians with Poles, but as People meeting People". ISBN 9290170875.

Star in a night sky   Ed. Paul Gubbins   £19.99*   [more details]   [add to cart]
Frances Boutle, London, 2012, 21cm, 520p, PB. An anthology of original Esperanto literature, with carefully vetted English translations. Prize-winning poetry, plays, short stories, extracts from novels, even recipe and a scientific treatise. ISBN 9781903427729.

Tiel sonis (4 CD set)   Ed. UEA   £37.20*   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2006, 288 min. This 4 CD boxed set contains the following 4 discs: Tiel sonis: Esperanto-literaturo: Authentic recordings drawn from the archives of the Biblioteko Hector Hodler: 16 readings from Esperanto Literature, a mixture of the serious and the humorous, poetry and prose. Tiel sonis: Prezidantoj de UEA: Authentic recordings drawn from the archives of the Biblioteko Hector Hodler: Eight presidential speeches ranging from Edmond Privat in 1927 through to John Wells in 1995. Tiel sonis: Rejkjaviko: Recordings from the 62a UK, with the voices of H.Tonkin, R.Harry, B. Ragnarsson, A.M'Bow. Tiel sonis: Universalaj Kongresoj: Contains recordings made between the years 1955 and 1996 at Universal Esperanto Congresses which took place throughout seven countries.

Tiel sonis: Rejkjaviko (CD)   Ed. UEA   £9.90*   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2003, 73 min. Recordings from the 62a UK, with the voices of H.Tonkin, R.Harry, B. Ragnarsson, A.M'Bow.

UEA en konscio de esperantistoj   Zbigniew Galor, Jukka Pietiläinen   £10.00   [add to cart]
Kava-Pech, Dobřichovice, 2015, 167p, 20cm. A systematic and detailed sociological study of the Esperanto-movement. ISBN 9788087169551

Unu ringo ilin regas   Aleksander Korĵenkov   £2.40   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2008, 16p, 21cm. An essay (lecture text) about the project to publish J.R.R.Tolkien's work in Esperanto. Volume 4 in the series "Sed ne el katedro".

Utila estas aliĝo   Ulrich Lins   £12.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2008, 126p, 24cm, illustrated. A concise overview of the first 100 years of the Universala Esperanto-Asocio. ISBN 9789290171058.

Vivbruligita   Suad   £12.18   [add to cart]
SAT, 2004, 189p, 20cm. The autobiography of a young Palestinian woman, burned alive by her family because she became pregnant out of wedlock. She was miraculously saved by a Swiss non-governmental organisation. ISBN 2950243274.

Vortoj de Andreo Cseh (1935-6)   Comp. Ed Boorsboom   £8.64   [add to cart]
SAĈ, Saarbrucken/De Bilt, 1984, 208p, 21cm. 16 articles about the famous educationalist.

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Other (including Philosophy and religion)

Dek du pruvoj pri neekzisto de Dio, la   Sébastien Faure   £3.99   [add to cart]
Editions libertaire, Nantes, 2008, 39p, 21cm. Arguments first published in 1914 for the non-existence of God. Translated from the French by Christian Rivière. ISBN 2951474776.

Sankta Biblio, La   £9.00   [add to cart]
Printland Publishers, Hyderabad, India 2002, 225p, HB. The old and new testaments, translated from their original languages into Esperanto. (The final few pages with an afterword in English have been removed). ISBN 8178870010.

Traktaĵo pri ateologio   Michel Onfray   £18.00   [add to cart]
SAT, Paris, 2010, 185p, 24cm. An essay on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Translated from the French by Paul Signoret. ISBN 9782918053033.

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700 limerikoj   *NEW*   Hannes Larsson   £11.00   [add to cart]
Kava-Pech, Dobřichovice, 2020, 192p, 22.5cm, illustrated by Pavel Rak. Written mainly during the coronavirus lockdown, Hannes Larsson's thoughts wander through the issues of today, as well as historical events, arts, music, sport, science, etc.; everywhere he found inspiration for humorous limericks. ISBN 9788088326106.

Danco de Vivo kaj aliaj poemoj   John Francis   £6.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAS, Motherwell, 2012, 78p, 21cm, PB. A collection of original poems by Scottish author John Francis, including some that have not been published before. ISBN 9780954025236.

Enlumiĝo   Albert Goodheir   £1.30   [add to cart]
Kardo, Glasgow, 1987, 44p, 21cm, illustrated. Thought provoking original poems. ISBN 9780905149226.

Malmalice   Johán Valano   £5.00   [add to cart]
IEM, Vienna, 2001 (2nd edition), 64p, 23cm. A rich variety of topics and forms, with a simple and crystal neatness, written by Claude Piron under his pseudonym. ISBN 3901752226.

Mia vojo, versaĵoj   Nikolaj Ĥoĥlov   £7.20   [add to cart]
Samara, 2005, 110p, 21cm. More than 20 poems in Esperanto with their Russian translations, and a comprehensive biography of the poet.

Migranta plumo   Julio Baghy   £13.50   [add to cart]
DEC (and others), Đurđevac (and others), 2018 (2nd edition), 117p, 24cm. A collection of poems, short stories and short plays by the master of Esperanto literature, originally published in 1929. ISBN 9788363698263.

Perlo   Marjorie Boulton   £9.50   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2019, 145p, 22cm. A 14th century poem about a dream where a father is reunited with his dead daughter. Presented in both Esperanto translation and middle-English original, edited by Edmund Grimley Evans and with a foreword by Humphrey Tonkin. ISBN 9781595693952.

Poemoj, La   L. L. Zamenhof   £7.00   [add to cart]
Espero, Partizánske, 2016, 56p, 21cm. The complete collection of Esperanto poems by Zamenhof. With notes on the poems, and other material. ISBN 9788089366453.

Within a still eye - En senmova Centro   Margaret Williams   £5.00   [add to cart]
Quoin Publishing, Middlesbrough, 2017, 40p, 21cm. Poems exploring how consciousness of place and the natural world offer an anchor in the midst of change. In English, with Esperanto translations by Jack Warren. ISBN 9781907257469.

Yvonne - sonetoj malsekretaj   Tim Carr   £13.20   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2009, 251p, 18cm. Over 200 sonnets take the reader on a stroll through the poet's life, packed with music, film, travel and football.

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Pronunciation support

Junaj trezorserĉantoj, La (CD & book)   J. H. Sullivan   £3.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2003/ETA, 1968, 27 min. A reading by Vilĉjo Walker and illustrated booklet of the short story by J H Sullivan, suitable for beginners. Includes an accompanying wordlist. ISBN 9780901757036.

Liza kaj Paŭlo (CD)   Reto Rossetti   £3.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, London, 1985. A simple but fun story in basic, everyday Esperanto. You can read the text online at .

Pirato kaj la trezorinsulo, La (CD)   Springboard   £3.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2007, 10 min. A simple children's story about a pirate and his friends, with plenty of repetition.

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Reading for pleasure and easy readers

40 paŝetoj al plua posedo   Ed. Léo Lentaigne   £3.20   [add to cart]
Cercle amical espérantiste, Beauville, 2005, 40p, 15cm. A beginners' reader, containing 40 one-page stories and articles in simple Esperanto, and an introduction in French.

50 fabloj de Ezopo   Aesop   £5.50   [add to cart]
JELK, Toyonaka-si, 2016 (3rd edition), 87p, 21cm. A collection of Aesop's fables, suitable for beginners and courses. Translated by Koĵiro Nakagaki. ISBN 9784930785671.

Averto pri murdo   Julian Modest   £6.00   [add to cart]
Espero, Slovakia, 2018, 100p, 18cm. When a talented engineer goes missing, private detective Janko Sinapov investigates and discovers a sinister murder plot. ISBN 9788089366866.

Seĝo dektria, La   George E. Wagner   £3.55   [add to cart]
Bero, Berkeley, 1992 (2nd edition), 22p, 22cm. How can two people from different worlds solve a mystery from the past? ISBN 1882251024.


Dorsosako de panjo Rut', La   *NEW*   Sándor J. Bako & Claude Piron   £9.32   [add to cart]
Wien, Austria, 1995, 109p, 23cm. A collection of short stories about ordinary people in special circumstances. ISBN 3851820320.

Forkaptita   Robert L. Stevenson   £2.30   [add to cart]
Kardo, Glasgow, 1989, 181p, 21cm. An excellent translation of the adventure story 'Kidnapped' by A. Goodheir. ISBN 0905149017.

Ili kaptis Elzan   Johán Valano   £9.00   [add to cart]
Fonto, Chapecó, 2001, 85p, 21cm. A humorous detective novel written in 'Easy' Esperanto.

Junaj detektivoj, La   J.H. Sullivan   £0.75   [add to cart]
BEA, London, 1969, 57p, 15cm, illustrated. An early reader for all ages. ISBN 9780901757050.


Katrina malfruas   *NEW*   Sten Johansson   £3.50   [add to cart]
E-duKati, Toyonaka, 2007, 51p, 21cm. 25 year-old Katrina tries to sort her life out so that love, work and family go smoothly! ISBN 4930785545.

Krimo de Katrina, La   Sten Johansson   £3.50   [add to cart]
E-duKati, Toyonaka, 2007, 38p, 21cm, PB. A simple story for finishers of a basic course wanting to extend their knowledge and vocabulary. ISBN 4930785529.

Monatoj tra la mondo   Various   £6.60   [add to cart]
Horizonto, Maebasi, 2005, 95p, 26cm, illustrated. 11 authors from 11 countries entertain us with tales of journeys across their respective countries, throughout the year.

Rakontoj ne nur ŝercaj   Vladimír Váňa   £8.60   [add to cart]
Kava-Pech, Dobřichovice, 2002, 128p, 20cm, illustrated. A collection of 20 lively short stories, illustrated by Pavel Rak. ISBN 808585354X.

Teorio Nakamura, La   Anna Löwenstein   £11.26*   [add to cart]
Espero, Slovakia, 2018, 96p, 21cm. A story about time-travel, used as the basis for a language course on the website Illustrated. ISBN 9788089366897.

Vojaĝo kun Katrina   Sten Johansson   £3.80   [add to cart]
Al-fab-et-o, Sweden, 2002, 60p, 21cm, PB. The sequel to 'La Krimo de Katrina'. ISBN 4930785537.

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Dresado de la megero, La   Tr. G.C. Jervis   £3.46   [add to cart]
Esperantaj Kajeroj, Rotterdam, 1988, 136p, 21cm. Three men with just two women on their mind - but who will succeed? And who will complete the taming of the shrew? ISBN 095053238X.

Hamleto, reĝido de Danujo   Tr. L.L. Zamenhof   £7.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2006 (9th edition) 223p, 21cm. In a time of conflict, a voice from the grave will take a vengeful man to a place beyond sanity where only conspiracy and death await. Includes a foreword by H. Tokin which analyses the story and Zamenhof's translation. ISBN 9290170921.

Komedio de eraroj, La   Tr. William Auld & Simeonov   £3.80   [add to cart]
Kardo/ELBiH, Glasgow/Sarajevo, 1987, 88p, 21cm, PB. Twins are trouble, and two sets of twins are double the trouble in this comedy of mistaken identity. ISBN 0905149254.

Sonetoj, La   Tr. William Auld   £11.00   [add to cart]
Edistudio, Pisa, 1981, 326p, 21cm, HB. Poems of friendship to a young man; poems of love to a mysterious Dark Lady. Presented in English with Esperanto translation. ISBN 887036013X.

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Study Materials

For details of EAB tutored courses and advice on learning support materials, please see our education web pages.

(Also see the sections on "Dictionaries" and "Pronunciation Support", above)

Bonvenon!   Federico Gobbo   £9.50   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2018, 75p, 23cm, illustrated. A comic-book adventure about Laura and Peter who discover Esperanto and its culture. Illustrated by Yuri Gamberoni. ISBN 9781595693839.

Complete Esperanto   Tim Owen & Judith Meyer   £20.00   [add to cart]
John Murray Learning, London, 2018, 368p plus online audio, 24cm. Authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations and extensive practice will equip you with the practical skills you need to use modern Esperanto. In the "Teach Yourself" series. (Special introductory price, max one copy per person). ISBN 9781473669185.

Conversational Esperanto - Ĉiutaga Esperanto   Don Lord   £9.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2008 (2nd edition), 228p, 21cm. A collection of short texts, mostly dialogues, written in lively, everyday Esperanto and designed for learners who would like to improve their fluency. ISBN 9780902756274.

Discover Esperanto   E@I & ILEI   £0.57   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2010, 24p, 24cm, colour-illustrated. An attractive colour brochure introducing Esperanto, in English. Translated from the original E@I Esperanto text.

Esperanto by direct method   Stano Marček   £7.00   [add to cart]
Martin, Slovakia, 2007, 114p, 25cm, PB, illustrated. The English version of a 22-lesson "direct method" course in Esperanto, covering the 750 most common words. Translated by Roy McCoy, illustrated by Linda Marĉeková. ISBN 9788096966745. (See "Esperanto per rekta metodo" for the Esperanto version).

Esperanto Mini-Course   EAB   £1.20   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2009, 32p, 15cm. A compact set of ten lessons based on the popular "Esperanto for beginners" by Montague Butler. ISBN 9780902756281.

Esperanto Mini-Grammar   EAB   £1.80   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2010, 64p, 15cm. A convenient pocket grammar, giving a clear, compact and non-technical overview, alphabetically arranged with explanations and examples of usage. ISBN 9780902756328.

Esperanto Mini-Trio (pack)   EAB   £3.00*   [more details]   [add to cart]
The Esperanto Mini-Course, Mini-Dictionary and Mini-Grammar books (matched set), bundled together at an attractive price. 32+64+64= 160 pages in all.

Esperanto, The International Language (Telugu)   G K Vijayakumar   £6.50   [add to cart]
Pune, 2005, 120p, 21cm. Adopted from Mason Studdard's "The Esperanto Teacher", this is the first Telugu-language Esperanto textbook.

Faktoj kaj Fantazioj   Marjorie Boulton   £9.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1993, 431p, 21cm, illustrated. A collection of short stories, poems, jokes and anecdotes from around the world. Excellent "follow-on" material for someone who has completed a beginner's course. ISBN 929017028X.

Instruaj bildoj por rektmetoda instruado (CD-ROM)   Linda Marčeková   £14.90*   [add to cart]
Martin, Slovakia, 2006. 500 pictures in PDF format, suitable for computer projection, to accompany lessons in Stano Marček's "direct method" course.

Jen nia mondo, book 1   John C. Wells   £6.00   [add to cart]
Group Five, London, 2005 (2nd edition) 66p, 21cm. Textbook for this beginners' course, lessons 1-12. ISBN 9780906632062.

Jen nia mondo, book 2   John C. Wells   £4.00   [add to cart]
Group Five, London, 1979, 89p, 21cm. Textbook for the follow-on course, lessons 13-25. ISBN 9780906632017.

Jen nia mondo 1 (CDs)   John C. Wells   £14.90*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2005, 168 min. 3 CD set, covering lessons 1 - 12. A very popular radio course from the 1970s as an audio course on CD. 'Absorb' Esperanto - in the car, around the house, on the way to work. Everyday situations and explanations in the form of dialogues, with grammatical explanations in English. ISBN 9780906632048.

Jen nia mondo 1 & 2, la dialogoj (CD)   John C. Wells   £6.20*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2007, 72 min. (Just) the 25 dialogues from the lessons of the Esperanto language courses Jen Nia Mondo 1 and 2. Not the same as the "Jen Nia Mondo 1&2" 6-CD set which is far more comprehensive. ISBN 9780906632079.

Knedu min sinjorino!   Tr. Renato Corsetti k.a.   £5.20   [add to cart]
La Kancerkliniko, Thaumiers, 1987, 23p, 21cm. Taboo and insulting expressions in Esperanto. ISBN 03985822.

Knedu min Sinjorino! & Tabuaj vortoj en mondlingvo (CD-ROM) pack   £7.85*   [add to cart]
Special offer; buy Renato Corsetti's book of taboo and insulting expressions in Esperanto and the CD-ROM of Don Lord's talk together, at a special price.

Konfuziloj   Przemyslaw Wierzbowski   £10.00   [add to cart]
Espero, Slovakia, 1997, 155p, 21cm, colour-illustrated. Learn about the most "complicated" Esperanto words whose meanings can be confusing for beginners. Useful for anyone who wants to master the language fully. ISBN 9788089366224.

Kunvojaĝu   Paul Gubbins   £14.00   [add to cart]
Edistudio/ILEI, Pisa, 2006 (2nd edition), 239p, 21cm. An international course, designed for classroom use, with an emphasis on practical and commercial uses of Esperanto. ISBN 9788870360721.

Mini-Cwrs Esperanto   EAB, Harry Barron   £1.50   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2010, 36p, 15cm. A guide in Welsh containing ten lessons, some reading exercises and a vocabulary. ISBN 9780902756304.


Pri kio temas?   *NEW*   Szabolcs Szilva   £11.20   [add to cart], Warsaw, 2020, 175p, 24cm. An elaboration of the 15 themes in the B2 KER exam syllabus, with examples and exercises. Aimed at those who have reached level A2 or B1 and want to progress to the next stage. ISBN 9788395771002.

Rusoj loĝas en Rusujo   ed. Anna Löwenstein   £9.00   [add to cart]
FEI, Milan, 2007, 95p, 21cm. Ten authors present their arguments for forming country names using the -ujo suffix.

Step by Step in Esperanto   Montagu C Butler   £15.50   [add to cart]
ELNA, El Cerrito, 1991 (9th edition) 280p, 18cm. A classic textbook organised into sections of graded difficulty, and including a reference grammar. ISBN 093975013.

Subtekste   Paul Gubbins   £12.10   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 1998, 72p, 30cm. 70 articles taken from the international magazine "Monato" with accompanying exercises and discussion topic suggestions. Loose-leaf in a plastic cover, and graded according to difficulty. ISBN 9071205789.

Tabuaj vortoj en mondlingvo (CD-ROM)   £3.70*   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2006. A lecture by Don Lord on taboo words (50 minute film and text file), the "Secret Sonets" by Kalman Kalocsaj (text file) and a rude-words mini dictionary (text file). Number 2 in the EAB "education resources" series.

Tendaraj tagoj. Kajero du   Stefan MacGill   £3.65   [add to cart]
ILEI, Budapest, 1997, 76p, 29cm, illustrated. The second book in this attractive and popular course. ISBN 9630420953.

Tendaraj tagoj. Kajero tri   Stefan MacGill   £3.65   [add to cart]
ILEI, Budapest, 1994, 76p, 29cm, illustrated. The third book in this attractive and popular course. ISBN 9630439573.

Traduku!   William Auld   £7.00   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2004, 116p, 21cm. 56 translation tasks (which originally appeared in past issues of The British Esperantist). The first section presents the tasks, the second section the extensive comments and the model translation. An index of relevant words and discussion points is included at the back. An excellent book to hone translation skills. ISBN 0902756230.

Urso-Kurso songs (CD)   £3.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
ETA, Barlaston, 1997. 18 simple songs, set to well-known catchy tunes, covering everyday basic vocabulary, including the alphabet. Songsheet included. ISBN 9780901757227.

Verdaj voĉoj 2 (CD-ROM)   Paul Gubbins   £8.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2007. The second in a series of interactive listening CD-ROMs. 10 exercises to aid comprehension with 12 video clips and one audio clip of the famous and not-so-famous speaking Esperanto. Good practice for understanding spoken Esperanto. ISBN 9780901757234.

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Brooch - Metal starburst, red base   £3.70*   [add to cart]

Badge - Enamel oval   £3.60*   [add to cart]
High-quality enamel, brooch style, 2.5cm oval shape, 'egg' emblem in white, green and gold, "ESPERANTO" in green letters.

Badge - Enamel flag   £4.05*   [add to cart]

Badge - Enamel triangle, blue base   £5.30*   [add to cart]
Green star on a white background, word "ESPERANTO" in gold against a blue base.

Badge - Enamel circle, blue rim   £4.30*   [add to cart]
Green star on a white background, word "ESPERANTO" in gold against a blue rim.

Badge - Enamel circle, wordless   £3.85*   [add to cart]

Badge - Stick-pin   £1.55*   [add to cart]

100 Zamenhofaj proverboj   Nora Caragea   £8.99   [add to cart]
Frankfurt, 2005, 52p, 21cm, PB. A "cryptoquiz" puzzle-book where each symbol is a letter from the Esperanto alphabet. Crack the code to reveal the proverbs.

100 Zamenhofaj proverboj serio 2   Nora Caragea   £8.99   [add to cart]
Frankfurt, 2007, 50p, 21cm, PB. A "cryptoquiz" puzzle-book where each symbol is a letter from the Esperanto alphabet. Crack the code to reveal more proverbs.

Pen - Esperanto   £1.75*   [add to cart]
A retracting ballpoint pen with "Esperanto" legend; the green hourglass-shaped barrel is accented by a silver-coloured trim and clip. Size 14cm x 1.5cm.

Pen - Esperanto (pack of 5)   £5.75*   [add to cart]

Pen - Esperanto (pack of 10)   £11.20*   [add to cart]

Postcard - Esperanto en Britio   £0.95*   [add to cart]

Postcard - Esperanto en Britio (pack of 10)   £3.75*   [add to cart]

Postcard - Esperanto en Britio (pack of 20)   £6.20*   [add to cart]

Postcard - Esperanto flag   £1.10*   [add to cart]

Postcard - Fiŝaj Familioj   £0.90*   [add to cart]

Poster - Alfabeto de Esperanto   £2.80*   [add to cart]
Springboard, Barlaston, 2007. Full colour poster showing colourful cartoon animals and other characters for each letter of the Esperanto alphabet. 50cm x 70cm.

Poster - Language Cousins   £2.80*   [add to cart]
Springboard, Barlaston, 2006. Full colour poster showing the names of animals in varous languages. 50cm x 70cm.

Poster - Respect for Other People and Other Languages   £2.80*   [add to cart]
Springboard, Barlaston, 2006. Full colour poster explaining how Esperanto fosters respect for other languages and cultures. 50cm x 70cm.

Ursa Familio   £3.75*   [add to cart]
A boxed set of 42 Happy Families cards with colour pictures revising most of the vocabulary introduced on parts one and two of the Urso-Kurso. An ideal game for beginners of all ages as each card shows a mix of everyday language to help the player collect a set.

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(Also see the "Shakespeare" section, above.)

Duonokulvitro, La (DVD)   Aŭgusto Baissac   £8.70*   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2005. This 14-minute film is an amusing monologue; the first known piece written for theatre in Esperanto, originally published in 1905. The DVD won a prize at the Belartaj Konkursoj de UEA in 2005. It includes optional subtitles and (on a computer) text, exercises and essay.

Graveco de la fideliĝo, La (Book)   Oscar Wilde   £2.75   [add to cart]
Esperantaj Kajeroj, Manchester, 1987, 29p, 21cm. The Importance of Being Earnest, translated by William Auld. ISBN 0950532371.

Heksakloro unu komo tri   Paul Gubbins   £3.10   [add to cart]
Fonto, Chapecó, 2005, 62p, 21cm. Tragedy about a family caught up in chemical-industrial poisoning of the local environment. Winner of the UEA 2005 fine arts competition. ISBN 9090188371.

Kvin etaj humuraj dramoj   Maurice Baring & A. Hopkins   £3.40   [add to cart]
Leek, 2001, 25p, 30cm, PB. A selection of five sketches; four will amuse the audience and the fifth is more melodramatic. Translated by W.H. Simcock.

Nemave edifi   Stefan MacGill   £14.55   [add to cart]
FEL, Antwerp, 2007, 263p, 21cm, illustrated. Plays, prose and a poem with stimulating exercises and role-play activities. ISBN 907706625X.

Nun ni komprenas... kaj aliaj porinfanaj teatraĵetoj   Paul Gubbins   £4.50   [more details]   [add to cart]
EAB/Springboard, Barlaston, 2007, 36p, illustrated, 21cm. Four short and two somewhat longer playlets for children to do, each in a separate booklet. Illustrated by Viv O'Dunne. ISBN 9780901757241.

Salale!   Farok Topan & Ebrahim Husein   £3.50   [add to cart]
Edistudio, Pisa, 1984, 175p, 21cm. Two modern plays from Tanzania, translated by Nino Vesselli. ISBN 8870360210.

Stilekzercoj   Raymond Queneau   £2.10   [add to cart]
La KancerKliniko, Pierrefitte, 1986, 20p, PB, A translation by Istvan Ertl of the French play "Exercices de style". The story concerns two passengers in a bus; at first this may seem a trivial topic, but not from the different viewpoints of the other passengers… ISBN 03985822.

Prometeo ligita   Aeschylus   £2.80   [add to cart]
Kardo, Glasgow, 1982, 54p, 21cm. Translated from the Greek verse tragedy by A. Goodheir. ISBN 0905149165.

Verda ranaro prezentas…, La   Paul Gubbins   £3.70   [add to cart]
Verda Ranaro, 2006, 40p, 21cm. Two one-act plays, both prize-winners in the 2004 Esperanto fine-arts competition. In 'Mikael kaj la monstro' a man suffering from motor-neurone disease is plagued by an irreverent chorus; In 'Pacaj batalantoj' the Esperanto community is presented with a tremendous opportunity to advance the language - but at a price. ISBN 0902756257.

Zam- Zam- Zamenhof   Paul Gubbins   £7.95   [add to cart]
Bero, Rotterdam, 2006, 87p, 21cm. A play in three acts which takes a humorous, lively and touching look at events in the life of Ludovic Zamenhof. ISBN 1882251415.

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UEA Membership

UEA is the world-wide Esperanto Association. (For Esperanto-Asocio de Britio subscriptions, please see our Membership page.)

(Please note that the former category UEA-MJ has been replaced by UEA-MB, and the former category UEA-MG has been discontinued.)

UEA-MB (subscription)   £40.00*   [add to cart]
2021 UEA "Membreco Baza" provides the online edition of Esperanto revuo (ISSN 0014-0635) (11 issues per year); online access to UEA's services including Delegita Reto (the online Jarlibro); a discount on the Universala Kongreso fee and at the UEA bookshop. If you're under 30 years old, the online edition of Kontakto (6 issues per year) too.

UEA-MA (subscription)   £67.00*   [add to cart]
2021 UEA "Membro-Abonanto" provides the paper edition of Esperanto revuo (ISSN 0014-0635) (11 issues per year); online access to UEA's services including Delegita Reto (the online Jarlibro); a discount on the Universala Kongreso fee and at the UEA bookshop. If you're under 30 years old, the paper edition of Kontakto (6 issues per year) too.

UEA-SZ (subscription)   £134.00*   [add to cart]
2021 "Societo Zamenhof" provides financial support to UEA. (This does not itself give you UEA membership.)

UEA-PT (subscription)   £79.00*   [add to cart]
2021 "Patrono de TEJO" provides financial support to TEJO and includes TEJO publications. (This does not itself give you UEA membership.)

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Fundamenta krestomatio de la lingvo Esperanto   L.L Zamenhof   £8.50   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 1992 (18th edition), 464p, 21cm. A selection of model texts (some originally written in Esperanto, some translated). The original Zamenhof text is complemented by ample notes about current language use. ISBN 9290170441.

Homarano: La vivo, verkoj kaj ideoj de d-ro L.L. Zamenhof   Aleksander Korĵenkov   £21.50   [add to cart]
Sezonoj, Kaliningrad, 2009, 320p, 20cm. A biography of Zamenhof, including details not revealed in previous biographies. A joint publication by Sezonoj and Litova Esperanto-Asocio, volume 8 in the series Scio.

Kongresaj Paroladoj   L.L Zamenhof   £4.50   [add to cart]
Sezonoj/LEA, Kaliningrad/Kaunas, 2015, 64p, 20cm. A collection of 11 of Zamenhof's speeches, eight of which were presented at Universalaj Kongresoj (world Esperanto congresses). ISBN 9786099508757.

Lingvaj respondoj   L.L Zamenhof   £10.40   [add to cart]
Pro Esperanto, Vienna, 1995 (6th edition), 140p, 24cm, PB. Zamenhof often received letters asking his opinion and advice on various linguistic aspects of Esperanto. This is a collection of his replies, originally published from 1906 to 1910 in La Revuo. ISBN 3851820312.

Life of Zamenhof, The   Aleksander Korzhenkov   £10.00   [add to cart]
Mondial, New York, 2010, 99p, 22cm. An abridged version of the biography "Homarano: La vivo, verkoj kaj ideoj de L.L. Zamenhof", translated into English by Ian M. Richmond and edited by Humphrey Tonkin. Includes notes for English-speakers. ISBN 9781595691675.

Poemoj, La   L. L. Zamenhof   £7.00   [add to cart]
Espero, Partizánske, 2016, 56p, 21cm. The complete collection of Esperanto poems by Zamenhof. With notes on the poems, and other material. ISBN 9788089366453.

Vivo de Zamenhof   Edmond Privat   £6.40   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2006 (6th edition), 171p, 18cm, illustrated. A classical biography of Zamenhof, edited by Ulrich Lins. ISBN 9789290170976.

Zamenhof, aŭtoro de Esperanto   Marjorie Boulton   £10.00*   [add to cart]
EAB, Barlaston, 2017 (2nd edition), 368p, 23cm. An affectionate biography of the creator of Esperanto. ISBN 9780902756373.

Zamenhof, creator of Esperanto   Marjorie Boulton   £4.00   [add to cart]
Routledge & Kegan, London, 1980 (repr.), 235p, 21cm. A biography in English of the creator of Esperanto.

Zamenhof en Varsovio   Roman Dobrzyński   £9.00   [add to cart]
UEA, Rotterdam, 2017, 160p, 21cm, illustrated. A biography of Zamenhof during his 44 years in Warsaw, published on the centenary of his death. ISBN 9789290171355.

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