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EAB Event 2015-08-15 to 16: Lernu! and Lernu plu! courses

EAB Summer Courses for beginners and intermediate students

Lernu! and Lernu plu! are weekend Esperanto courses for beginners and intermediate students respectively, held at Esperanto House. on the weekend of August 15 to 16. The courses start at 10:00 on Saturday morning and will finish after lunch on Sunday. Please let Viv or Emma at the office know if you would like to see a particular topic covered in any of the lessons.

To book a place on either course, click the appropriate button, below.

The Tutors

The tutor for Lernu! (beginners) is Malcolm Jones. Malcom, a former German teacher, started to learn Esperanto in 1984 and attended his first World Esperanto Congress in Augsburg, Germany, 1985. He got to know some leading lights at that time in educational circles, soon afterwards becoming a committee member of ILEI (the International League of Esperantist Teachers). Malcolm has been a tutor for EAB's correspondence and residential courses for many years and is the leader of our residential course for beginners. The course is suitable for complete beginners, people part-way through, or completers of any starter course. Eternaj komencantoj are very welcome too! Come along and give it a try!

The tutor for Lernu Plu! (intermediate students) is Tim Owen. Tim is the Secretary of the Esperanto Association of Britain and of NoJEF, a charity which gives grants to young Britons to attend Esperanto events at home and abroad. Tim leads the popular Drondo discussion groups and formerly taught beginners' classes at the Internacia Seminario, of which he was a member of the Strategy Team. The Lernu plu course is for those students who have already attended a beginners course, or for those who feel they aren’t quite ready for the annual Somera Festivalo.

As well as attending the study sessions, students will be able to buy books and CDs from the EAB Bookshop all weekend. Your tutor will advise you on appropriate learning and reading materials. You'll also be able to browse through the books in the Butler Library during breaks.

Booking your place

The course fee is £17.00 (including VAT).

The course fee includes a light buffet lunch on both days and includes all daytime refreshments. The group will go to the local pub for an evening meal on Saturday (the cost of that isn't included in the fee).

The course fee does not include overnight accommodation; we recommend students book into the Travelodge at Trentham (2.5 miles away). We urge students to book early as the room price tends to increase nearer to the time. If students aren't coming by car, EAB will organise a taxi/mini bus to collect them from the Travelodge on both mornings, and a taxi will be arranged to return them all back again when the sessions are over. The cost of this will be charged to students using the taxi nearer the time, once we know final numbers (approx. £5 - £8 in total).

Book your place:
£17.00* (inc. VAT) Lernu!
£17.00* (inc VAT) Lernu plu!

If possible, please use a debit card for orders over £14.00 (as our card transaction fees are lower, so more of your payment will go to support EAB's activities).

For terms and conditions of online orders and payments, see the EAB Bookshop page. The above items marked * have no shipping charge.

If you want to include some books, CDs, DVDs or sundries from the EAB bookshop catalogue as part of your order, just add those to the shopping cart too, before proceeding to the checkout. But when you attend the course itself in Esperanto House, you will also have an opportunity to browse and buy (and then you will save yourself any shipping costs on the items you buy!).

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