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EAB News 2008-06-05: Barlaston Ducks

EAB's New Neighbours at Barlaston

Viv O'Dunne, EAB's office manager, reports:

When I went for lunch I bumped into some cute friends (see attached). I had to go back for the camera, thought you might like to see them - they've been living in the flower bed by WMC kitchen! Off on their way to water no doubt :)

EAB's headquarters is situated in the village of Barlaston in rural Staffordshire countryside. If you'd like to enjoy the countryside and wildlife while experiencing total immerision in Esperanto, why not book a place at this year's Esperanto Summer Festival? It's held at the Wedgwood Memorial College (another of our neighbours), and this year runs from 2008-Aug-09 to 15.

Read about previous festivals in 2007 and 2006.

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