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EAB News 2007-08-18 to 24: Esperanto Summer Festival at Barlaston

2007 Esperanto Summer Festival

This year's Esperanto summer festival was the 47th since the tradition began at Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston in Staffordshire.

Following a now traditional programme, the Esperantists participated in workshops, discussions, lectures, talks, classes, entertainments, games and excursions. Throughout the week, the working language was Esperanto - even at mealtimes. Although most of the participants came from the British Isles, our Russian guests Lydia and Sergej added a welcome international perspective.

One novel item in this year's programme was a visit by Selina Scott and camera crew, recording an item on the history of Barlaston's association with Esperanto for her TV series "Tales from the Country" produced by Kingfisher Television Productions Ltd. Miss Scott expressed a friendly interest in our language, and we hope that her final report, when broadcast, doesn't contain the misconceptions and inaccuracies evident in the draft script which the crew had brought along. Transmission on ITV1 is planned for 20 March 2008 in "London" region, later in the "Anglia" and "Central" regions.

[Postscript following the broadcast: just to put the record straight - Esperanto wasn't developed "to replace English, Russian, etc." in the countries where it is spoken, but to provide an alternative for international communication between speakers of different national languages. And Selina was only joking when she said that you'll go hungry at Barlaston if you don't know the Esperanto for "Bacon and Eggs", as she and her film crew discovered for themselves at the self-service breakfast buffet. You can read a transcript of the broadcast.]

Behind the scenes Angela and her recruits ran a seminar and worked on new study materials for the Springboard to Languages programme, and the Esperanto theatre troupe La Verda Ranaro made several audio recordings that will be used in future EAB CDs.

Participants at the festival took advantage of the fine weather to make visit several local attractions, including the Wedgwood visitor centre, the local canal and Staffordshire countryside, the Dorothy Clive Garden and the Trentham Monkey Forest.

Selina Scott on camera in the college grounds.

Our Russian guests Sergej and Lydia from Niĵnij Tagil

Excursions to the local visitor attractions and countryside.

Fun and games for all

Proficient Esperantists Malcolm Jones, Paul Gubbins, David Kelso and Jack Warren were among the speakers and teachers guiding the study sessions.

An amusing and entertaining evening of performances by the participants, ranging from Jazz to Monty Pyton in Esperanto.

Next year's festival runs from 2008-Aug-09 to 15.

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