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EAB News 2006-09-24: EAB plans a special issue of La Brita Esperantisto in memory of William Auld

La Brita Esperantisto - William Auld Memorial Edition

One of the Esperanto community's most celebrated authors, William Auld, passed away on September 11th, 2006.

For over a quarter of a century (between 1973 and 2000) William Auld was the editor of EAB's review La Brita Esperantisto, and the Spring 2007 issue is a special edition focussing on his life and works.

William Auld

Besides being an accomplished author in, and transator into Esperanto, Bill was also an excellent teacher. EAB recently published a collection of his practical exercises and tips on translation as the book Traduku!, available from the EAB Bookshop.

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