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EAB Archive 2000-10-21 Bill Auld retires as Brita Esperantisto editor

Bill Auld Honoured

The former editor of Brita Esperantisto was the guest of honour at a lunch held in Kinross, Perthshire, on Saturday 21st October 2000. As a token of appreciation for his 28 years of editorship he received a cheque and a bottle of malt whisky with a suitably engraved silver neck label from the Esperanto Association of Britain.

Greetings were read out from many renowned Esperantists, including Kep Enderby, the World President, Humphrey Tomkin and Giorgio Silfer.

Dr. Marjorie Boulton spoke eloquently concerning Bill's Herculean editorial endeavour and his unique position in the Esperanto literary world. Her tribute was leavened with anecdotes concerning Bill's extraordinary career.

The Scottish Esperanto Association also presented Bill with a cheque.

Bill rose to his feet on two occasions to express his appreciation of the gifts and verbal tributes. Wit and fluency were not lacking !

David Bisset, Vice President of EAB, acted as Chair at this relaxed and happy occasion.

Bill Auld retires from editorship of Brita Esperantisto

After almost 30 years in the post Bill has decided to relinquish the editorship of the Association's prestigious periodical. Being relived from constant deadlines will give Bill more time to concentrate on original and translated Esperanto literature. The British Esperantist has been a vehicle for outstanding literary contributions and bill has always been anxious to encourage new talent. The pattern of publications will now be reviewed by EAB; but good news is Bill's willingness to maintain his much appreciated translation feature in any future magazine. Eric Walker, the Honorary Secretary of EAB, has expressed his warm appreciation of Bill's extraordinary editorial contribution over so many years. The Esperanto Association of Britain has made Bill Auld an Honorary Life Member as a symbol of its thanks.

75 Years Auld

On the 6th of November Bill Auld (the most distinguished Esperanto author in the world today) will celebrate his 75th birthday. Bill is best known for his short listing for the Nobel prize for literature. Bill has been the distinguished Editor of Brita Esperantisto for 28 years. Congratulations are extended by the Esperanto Association of Britain.

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