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EAB Update/Ĝisdate No. 6, March 2000

Published by the Hon Secretary of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio

Dear Members,

The demise of the excellent magazine EKo has to be viewed with dismay. For some people it filled a gap which was not served by La Brita Esperantisto. Unfortunately, this group was not enough to sustain economically the continuing of the publication and Brian Burnett has had to call it a day.

As you know, EAB has been having problems during the last six months with the non-appearance of our own publication. It should be made clear that this is in no way linked to the transfer of the office out of London, but to the continuing illness of William Auld. We are now actively searching for a new editor and hope that publication, possibly in a new format and with a different frequency, will resume soon. It is hoped that some of the features of EKo can be incorporated in the new LBE.

However, to lift the gloom of the above I can say that in the first four months of the current financial year (November to February), renewals of EAB membership and numbers of new members is higher than in the same period last year; not by much one must say, but, it is the first time in many years that one has been able to report increases instead of continual meltdown!

[Outdated "For your diary" announcements]

[EAB Update Issue No.6 Page 2]

Deeds of Covenant

A note from the Hon. Treasurer.

From 6 April 2000, the Chancellor is proposing a simpler form, called a 'Declaration'. This is a statement that you wish the charity to reclaim tax on any donations made by you. There is no time limit and no lower or upper limit for the amount you give. Several payments can be made in one year. The 'Declaration' can be cancelled at any time by letter, phone call or email. If you do not wish to give in any year there is no penalty. It sounds too good to be true! I understand from Inland revenue that this will cover subscriptions to Charitable Associations like EAB.

When the necessary legislation has been passed (it was proposed last November, but has not been through the legal steps needed in Parliament yet) EAB will inform the membership, and starting with people whose covenants have just run out, will invite them to make the 'Declaration'.

If this goes smoothly, we may ask everyone to take out a 'Declaration' instead of the Deed of Covenant, as it ought to be more flexible and easier to administer. The only criteria for reclaim of tax is that the donor must pay tax - and almost everybody does that!

Deeds of Covenant which are still in force will be legal until they run out, after which a 'Declaration' will be needed. However, if you already have a Deed, it can be superseded by a 'Declaration ' if you wish. I will publish further details as soon as possible.

Joyce Bunting.

March/April issue of La Brita Esperantisto

Page 182: Disregard the Holland Park address which is no longer valid.

Disregard the 'last day for contributions to the next issue' as this is the final issue of L.B.E. in its present format. Meanwhile we will hope to incorporate the most popular features from L.B.E. in Update.

Page 183 The notice for The Esperanto Party' has appeared totally without the knowledge or approval of the Management Committee. The committee had already issued a notice disassociating E.A.B. from it

New Editor for La Brita Esperantisto

We are now searching for a new editor following William Auld's retirement.

If you would be interested in taking on this job, which is probably the most important in the movement, or, if you can suggest the name of someone whom you think is suitable, please urgently contact me (Eric Walker) at EAB office.

There will be an Honorarium paid. We are also thinking of reducing the frequency to four times a year.

Appleby 2000

There is still time to book if you have not yet done so. An excellent programme is planned and the theme is RAILWAYS with an excursion on the famous Settle to Carlisle line and a talk on the subject by Paul Gubbins. At the AGM we shall discuss in detail the rather tortuous negotiations which are taking place with the Staffordshire local authorities about the possibility of our moving to Barlaston. This is indeed a momentous year. So, do be there!

Monato Fonduso

The well known Esperanto magazine Monato has set up a fund to help those clubs in poorer parts of the world, who cannot afford it themselves to take out a subscription.

Donations may be made to the office and there will also be a collection made at the AGM in Appleby.

An M.E.P. from the East of England, having taken the beginners' course is now doing the advanced one!

[EAB Update No. 6 Page 3]

Honorary Life Membership for William Auld

On the occasion of the retirement of Bill Auld from editing La Brita Esperantisto for 28 years, the Management Committee has decided to honour Bill with this distinction.

We hope that Bill, freed from the travail of having to produce a magazine to a strict timetable, will now he able to have the freedom to pursue other interests in the literary world of Esperanto and have time to devote to keeping up with his many friends throughout the world.

We would like to thank him for his many years' work for our movement in Britain.

Internet Corner

Here I hope to give details from time to time of happenings which may be of interest to users of the Internet.

The following items were extracted from the pages of ESPERANTO, organ of UEA:

Nikola Markarian, daughter of Kimie and Raif, has completed a university thesis with the title: "The Battle against the Tower of Babel". This can be viewed at www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/6839

The web site of the Swedish E. Association, www.esperanto.se, had 905,258 visitors in 1999

An exotic site is that of the Mexican E. Association - punto-y-aparte.com/esperanto/

The club of Esperanto speaking children has its own site at www.digicron.com/retoklubo

Esperanto Pad. This is new free software which enables you to type the special Esperanto characters with supersignoj very easily. I am told that this system will transmit emails with the supersignoj in place if both sender and recipient use the system. Details can be found at www.borderline.f9.co.uk. It takes about 20 minutes to download. If you have any problems, send an email to EAB office and we will forward it to an expert.

Holidays in Esperantujo

Here are details of some in which the Hon. Sec has taken part in previous years.

Ĉe Baita Feriado. Micino, Poland. 30 May to 11 June. This is a very international holiday, now in its 22nd year. Mielno is a small seaside resort near Koszalin not far from the German Polish border. A leaflet is available from the office.

Feriado por "Maldiligentuloj" - Polanica Zdroj. July 11-15 (or any dates within that period.) Polanica is a small Spa town in South West Poland near the German and Czech frontiers. It is organised by your Hon. Sec. and will be a very lazy event. Hardly any organised programme, just conversation classes and games etc in the afternoons. This is for people who really want to wind down! Accommodation is in a good rest house with good food. The cost is only about £11.50 per day for full board. Further details, including how to get there, for about £90 return is given in a leaflet available from the office.

Kudova Zdroj. August. This will be a holiday with more of a programme than the Polancia one. Details to follow.

August 17-22 3rd European Esperanto- Festivalo, Budapest, Hungary. Details from Hungarian Esperanto Association, 1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 27.

Kroscienko. 1 to 15 September 5th Internacia Esperanto-Feriado kun Folkloro en la montare PIENINY, POLLANDO. This is a holiday to be strongly recommended. Some of our members have been back several times as they so enjoyed it Kroscienko is south of Krakow. Cost is the equivalent to US$ 250, which is about £157. Full details including travel from the office.

For a comprehensive listing of hilidays and congresses look at www.hungary.net/esperanto/kalendar.htm

[EAB Update No. 6 Page 4]

John Buchanan Prize in Esperanto 2000

Conditions: the award of the John Buchanan Prize in Esperanto is open to matriculated students and graduates of the University of Liverpool and of any approved University of the British Commonwealth and to all persons who have been engaged in teaching for not less than one year in any recognised school in the United Kingdom.

The value of the prize is £150, which is to be used for the purpose of travel abroad for the study of Esperanto.

The prize may not be awarded more than once to the same competitor.

Entries must be submitted to the Registrar by 1 May 2000

Candidates are required:

Note by Don Lord: "This is an extremely important business for the Esperanto movement in Great Britain, and I urge you to enter it. The University is being most helpful and co-operative, and it would be a shame if Esperantists let this opportunity, particularly in the millennium year, slip away"

Don Lord (Retired John Buchanan Lecturer in Esperanto)

Urdd Gobaith Cymru

This is a Welsh youth organisation which arranges Humanitarian Projects and raises funds for various good causes.

Their address is:
Swyddfa'r, Y Ganolfan Addysg, Lôn Ganol, Dinbych, LL16 3UW.

Every year they send out a message... in Welsh naturally... and in nine other languages including Esperanto.

They came to us for the translation, which we provided. We sent them the Urso Kurso leaflet and hope that they will find it interesting.

But can you do better?

Have a try and we'll ask Don Lord to choose the best.

We will send the office translation along with the others but we shan't tell him which translation is which. They will just have numbers.

The text of their millennium message was: "At the beginning of a new millennium, it is natural that we should look back at what man has achieved during the past hundred years.

A book prize will be awarded to the winner

[EAB Update No. 6 Page 5]

Federation News

Once again had a successful weekend course at Felixstowe during February. 27 residents plus some Saturday visitors had a very full weekend for which the theme was 'Saxon Life in East Anglia'.

This, now regular event, is possibly the cheapest in the country. It is certainly full value for money and excellent meals were provided by the hosts, Angela and Roy.

The advanced classes were taken by Ivo Durwael from Belgium and the beginners' by Bernice Scott

A Visit to Cuba

EAB member Anne Johnson recently visited Cuba to attend the 12th conference of Internacia Komunista Esperantista Kolektivo. She reports that 51 people took part. They, of course, had political discussions, but also had many excursions. The Esperanto movement is thriving in Cuba and visitors will be warmly welcomed. They will arrange accommodation with E-speaking families for about £10 a night Write to Kuba Esperanto-Asocio, Vista Alegre 264, e./Juan B. Zayas y Luz Caballero, VÍBORA, 10 de Octubre, La Habana, Cuba. A fuller report of her interesting visit can be obtained direct from her at 42a Beresford Rd, London, N5 2HZ.

MMcC. Fund

The Martyn McClelland fund is now closed as far as EAB accounts are concerned.

But donations may still be made by making cheques payable to Martyn. We will then forward them to him.

The Bendoteko (audio cassette library)

Can I remind members that this valuable resource exists for your use.

There are many good tapes in it which, besides being interesting for their content, will help you with your pronunciation if you don't often get the chance to take part in discussions.

Recommended is a talk by Dr. Paul Gubbins, specially recorded prior to the Jarkunsido in Appleby - 'Fervojo SETTLE-CARLISLE'. Why not listen to his clear recording.

Railway enthusiasts will also enjoy another of Paul Gubbins' recordings 'FERVOJO KIEL SPEGULO'. This deals with how North Staffordshire history, architecture, industries and towns were influenced by the coming of the Railways.

All cassettes can be borrowed from the office. A charge of £1 is made for one and then a further 60p for each additional one.

Incidentally, can this opportunity be used to thank Beatrice Clarke of Hove who almost single-handedly and certainly single-mindedly drove forward the creation of this audio library which is probably the most comprehensive in the world. Beatrice is now retiring from this work.

Thank her for her efforts by making good use of the library.

A Bendoteko catalogue is available on request from the office. [Postscript: The catalogues can also be viewed online in the tape library catalogues section of the EAB website's library page.]

A Request from Germany

Rudolf Hahlbohm (nun loĝante en Berlino, 90-jara, sed tre vigla) estis 1945 - ĉirkaŭ 1947 militkaptito proksime de la vilago de Evington, eble 14 kilometroj de Leicester. En la militkaptejo li pentris triptikon, kiun oni volis instali en la pregejon de Evington. Nun estus bele ekscii, ĉu tio vere okazis kaj se jes, ĉu la pentraĵo ankoraŭekzistas. Rudolf serĉas esperantist(in)on, al kiu li povus vojaĝi (li senprobleme ankoraŭ vojaĝas), kiu eble loĝas en Leicester aŭ proksime, kaj kie li povus loĝi kaj viziti per la helpo de ĉi tiu persono tiun regionon, kie li estis kaptito. Eĉ se la triptiko ne estas en la preĝejo li volonte revidus la regionon. Jen lia adreso: Rudolf Hahlbohm, Mittelheide 46, DE-125 5 5 Berlin.

[EAB Update No. 6 Page 6]

The Esperanto Party (UK)

Some of you will already know that the above was founded in November 1999 mainly to contest the European elections which are to take place this summer.

There have been two announcements about this new parry in recent issues of the organ of UEA. The Management Committee of EAB authorised the Hon. Sec. to write to the editor of ESPERANTO and request him to announce that EAB has absolutely no connection with the Esperanto Party (UK).

Several expressions of concern about the results of the founding of this party have been addressed to me. Therefore I reproduce here, a letter which appeared in the February issue of ESPERANTO:

En malĝusta angulo mi legis (nov '99, p 201) ke fondiĝos la 15-an de dec. "Esperanto-partio en Britio.

La partio celos "antaŭenigi Esperanton kaj la demokratiajn kaj homamajn valorojn ligitajn al ĝi". Mi opinias ke tiuj adeptoj nur malantaŭenigos Esperanton. La pasinteco montras ke ĉiuj partioj kiuj strebas al limigita celo estas kondamnitaj al malapero. Aliaj partioj konsideras ĝin kiel neseriozan, ĉar tia partio malhavas respondojn al la plej gravaj sociaj problemoj. La iniciantoj manovras Esperanton en malĝustan angulon. Estas cetere malaprobinde ke neparolantoj de Esperanto ricevos tiel la impreson ke esperantistoj kredas la "demokratiajn kaj homamajn valorojn" ligitaj sole al Esperanto - sed ĉi tiuj valoroj ja ne dependas de (aŭ estas ligitaj al) iu ajn lingvo! Estus pli bone se la iniciantoj kaj adeptoj de la "Esperanto-partio" aktivus en la jam ekzistantaj partioj, ekz. diskutante kun politikistoj, edukistoj ktp pri la lingvo-problemo kaj eblaj solvoj.

Hans Erasmus (Nederlando).

This subject is now open for discussion in the pages of EAB-Update.

Universitato en Ĉinio serĉas angla-parolantan instruiston de esperanto kaj la angla. 15 horojn semajne. $200 monate (sufiĉe por vivteni 3 homojn en Ĉinio). Senpaga loĝado kaj manĝaĝo. La flugon oni ne pagas. La posteno vakas nun. Kontaktu: Xie Longfei, B.C. University, 102200 Beijing Chomgping, Shipaifang, Beijing, Tongyi Yanxiu Xueyuan, Cinio. E-mail: Esperantoat263.net Tel/Faks: 0086-1-89708173.

Advertising Esperanto

Paul Hewitt, on behalf of EAB is placing several small advertisements in specialist magazines. A recent one in RADCOM (radio communications) immediately produced a new member.

If you know of a magazine in which you think it would be worthwhile to place a modest advertisement please send us a copy of the magazine with its advertisement rates.

We would like to do more like this, spreading it out throughout the year.

"The Rat Sent Me!"

That cryptic message, on a postcard from Australia puzzled the office staff. Later I found the explanation: Harry Harrison, a prolific writer of science-fiction stories about a superman-like character who goes by the name of 'Stainless Steel Rat', knows Esperanto and usually introduced some sentences of Esperanto into each of his novels. Sometimes at the end of the book he writes that if you want to know about this useful language contact Esperanto-Asocio de Britio!

So, at least a couple of times a month we get requests from different parts of the world. In the last month we have had four in from Russia, and one each from Latvia and Ukraine. The books must have been recently published in the Cyrillic alphabet.

One request came recently from a tourist town in Russia in English and it in part said "P.S. I work in police and on a service it is necessary frequently to collide with the foreigners." Yes, it is clear what he means and I would do far far worse if I had to express myself in Russian.

We always make a point of passing on these requests to their national association.

Does anyone know how to contact Harry Harrison? I have heard that he lives in Ireland.

[EAB Update No. 6 Page 7]

Ingleesh As Shii Iz Spoken

(Downloaded from a Quaker internet discussion group)

(Ann On)

Log on and feed the hungry

I wonder how many of us with email are aware of the UN internet site which enables us to make a free donation of food to the third world? It is paid for by corporate sponsors whose logos feature on the site. Log on to www.thehungersite.com Individual donations are not enormous, perhaps only one or two cups of rice, but if enough people visit the site the impact is really significant. It only takes a moment to visit the site each time you are on line, specially if you bookmark the site.

Information Wanted

Esperanto is one of the languages included in software entitled "51 Languages of the World" which is designed as a vocabulary builder.

The programme is advertised in the 16 page full colour, spring catalogue of Dream Direct, 4 Aristotle Lane, Oxford OX2 6TY. Tel 01865 888 900 or salesatdream-direct.co.uk

If anyone has used the programme we would be pleased to receive reports of its value.

[Out-dated: "Pen Friends Wanted"]

Penfriends throughout the World

KORESPONDA SERVO MONDSKALA, had a busier year than ever last year. If you would like a penfriend, write to this excellent service. Say the kind of friend you are looking for and give some details about your self such as interests, age and sex. Write, in Esperanto of course, to S-ro François Xavier Gilbert, BP6, FR-55000, Longeville-en- Barrois, France. (Enclose 1 International Reply Coupon)

[EAB update No. 6 Page 8]

Official Announcements

New full members
MA. Smith Fareham, Sy.
Mr R Mitchell, Bracknell
Mr Rostgard-Sellwood, Cambridge
Mr B Clarke, Exeter
Mr Campion, Carshalton
Mr D Dickerson, Penrith
Mr Bootz, Nantwich
Mr W Jingen, Lampeter
Mr Miles, Dover
Mr C McLarnon, Newton Abbot
Mr Langley, Stoke on Trent
Mr J Manzo, Westminster
Mr S O'Ceallaigh, Dublin
Mr E. Smith, Widnes

New Associate members
Mr Tomkins, Narbeth
Mr Farrimond, Bolton
Rev. Swinhoe, Brighouse
Mr Heron, Wallsend
Mr E. Brendish, Wanstead

On the air!

Radio Austria Internacia - Esperanto Redakcio. We have a new leaflet giving their transmission times of Esperanto broadcasts. If you would like a copy please send a stamped addressed envelope to the office.

Parolas Varsovio en Esperanto. Polish Radio has been broadcasting in Esperanto for nearly 41 years. A copy of their latest newsletter is available from the office if you send a stamped addressed envelope. You can also look at their Web pages at http://www.polskieradio.pl/eo/

You can get details of all radio broadcasts in Esperanto from Web pages at: http://www.osiek.org/aera/

Payments To UEA

It appears that UEA is not set up to accept Switch cards. Other cards are fine.

Please remember to put your name, address and UEA number, if you know it, on the UEA application form. If you just sign it and they cannot read your signature they can't process the payment! We are changing the form accordingly.


A treasure found.

Leafing through the EAB catalogue, which probably lists over a thousand different items, it is easy to pass over something without giving it much thought. However, as we have the book and cassette service here in Ipswich, things more easily catch my eye and I brought home with me the booklet and audio cassette for the teaching programme Liza kaj Paŭlo. I listened to the tape and followed in the booklet and it is really good. The booklet consists of a picture story of how Liza and Paŭlo go for a trip to the sea and see a rescue take place. The drawings are excellent, with words in the pictures describing the objects, whilst the spoken text is below the pictures. Everything is shown in sharp detail The tape sound is extremely clear, perfectly audible even to someone like me who is going deaf and losing the higher frequencies.

As well as the words there are sound effects which makes it all lifelike. The whole affair is professionally produced. The script is by Reto Rossetti (a well known name from the past whose book Kredu Min Sinjorino should be in the hands of every komencanto) while the voices of Peter Oliver, Peter Schilperoord, Alison Williams and Karlo Bartosik bring the story to life. [A postscript in Issue 6 explained that Kredu Min Sinjorino was actually written by Reto's brother Cezaro.]

One other thing, after the play, there are 8 poems very clearly delivered and not gabbled, plus some songs. Although the play is designed for self study, it can also be used in a class and there are some teaching notes included.

Buy now, if not for yourself, then to give to a possible learner.

Eric Walker

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