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[This issue was originally Issue No. 1.3 but (for this archive) has been renumbered as Issue 3 dated September 1999, to align with numbering of later issues.]

EAB Update/Ĝisdate No. 3 September 1999

An occasional newsletter from the Honorary Secretary

Dear Members,

Since the last issue of EAB Update in May I can report some progress in the process of relocation. The sale of 140 Holland Park Avenue is proceeding and by the time that this reaches you, contracts should have been exchanged The final price agreed is £927,000 out of which must come the legal and professional fees.

The procedures to which a charity must adhere have been closely followed. Much of the work in connection with the selling has been done by Management Committee member, Fraser Dunbar.

After much thought it has been decided, subject to a satisfactory contract, to relocate the office as well as the Butler library to Wedgwood Memorial College (WMC) Barlaston. It will take quite a while to draw up a contract which safeguards the investment by EAB in construction of the new premises. In the meantime the office and book service and bendoteko will be temporarily located in Ipswich in part of the premises of another charity of which I was the founder and am now a trustee. We will pay a modest rent of £3,000 pa on a weekly basis. See the box for new address details.

Eric Walker

Temporary address:
201 Felixstowe Road
Ipswich, IP3 9BJ

Retirement of Martyn McClelland.

Martyn, our loyal and long serving office manager, has decided to take early retirement rather than relocate. The ManCom is giving Martyn compensation considerably above the statutory redundancy requirements. However there is no disguising the fact that Martyn's expenses will be higher on leaving his rent free accommodation at 140. Therefore it was thought that members of EAB would welcome the chance to contribute to a Presentation Fund on the occasion of Martyn's retirement, which will happen at the end of September. Please see the slip at the end for details of where to send your contribution.

[EAB Update No. 3 Page 2]

July 1999 Management Committee meeting.

This was the longest ever committee meeting in the history of EAB. It took place at WMC from 8pm on Friday 17 July and finished at 12 noon on the Sunday with short intervals for eating and sleeping! The minutes are too long to reprint in full and so there follows a resume of the main points:

2. Space and fittings needed for new office and library premises.

4. Redundancy payment for full time and part-time office workers.

5. The sale of 140 Holland Park Avenue.

6. Report by the Director of WMC on its history and future.

7. Decided not to buy a new computer yet.

8. Temporary relocation to Ipswich.

9. Future role of 'Office Administrator'.

10. Publicity/Marketing. Paul Gubbins lead a brainstorming session. We agreed that in future enquirers will receive a sample copy of LBE and EKo.

11. A policy is required for the Butler Library, in respect of the binding of foreign publications and purchase of new books.

12. Investment Policy (this minute follows in full as we are of the opinion that every member should know about it).

13. Derek Tatton to be liaison office with the architect at Stoke on Trent.

14. Opening ceremony at Barlaston.

15. Publicity. Detailed report by David Bisset.

16. Request by JEB for £1,000 as 'risk capital' for a JEB week in Scotland.

17. A future strategy for EAB.

18. Request by Angela Tellier to use suitable contents of past issues of LBE in producing a history of Eastern Federation.

19. We decided to disband the Konsila Komisiono and encourage members to communicate their hopes, fears and suggestions direct to the Hon. Sec.

20. Problems of the Esperanto Teachers Association.

21. Applications for Fellowship of EAB status.

22. Request for a donation. Turned down, being outside our competency.

As you can see, it was a hard working weekend but all the committee thought that it was worthwhile and we agreed that we should each year have one weekend residential committee meeting at which issues can be looked at in greater depth than is possible at the usual Saturday meetings.

[EAB Update No. 3 Page 3]

What we have been doing

It has been said that moving house is a very traumatic experience for all concerned, and your Management Committee can confirm this. However a large quantity of the rather large book stock has already been moved, some for retention, some for eventual writing off. Contracts for the sale have been exchanged and arrangements have been made for temporary office accommodation. Please note the new address and telephone number (see page 1).

Book sales will be handled from the temporary office with effect from 1st September with the rest of the operations to follow during mid-September.

We shall certainly be vacating the London office during the next two months but book orders, queries, payments etc should, from 13th September, be addressed to the Ipswich office. Mail will be forwarded to the new address and a recorded message will give the new telephone number. (Unfortunately in English only due to BT requirements).

Extensive consultations are taking place with the Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston architects and management, and between EAB's legal representatives and those of the College and local authority. Any agreement which is finally reached will safeguard the interests of both parties.

Arrangements are in hand to move the Butler Library into temporary storage in or near Stoke-on-Trent. EAB's librarian has been consulted and his advice taken as regards the exact procedures for packing etc.

[Out-dated "Special book offer"]

A New Esperanto magazine!

The youthful Wakefield & Leeds Esperanto Group is now producing 'The Esperanto Chronicle'. This is available free of charge (but 50p in stamps would be welcomed) from the group at 4 Apple Tree Close, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2JE. The magazine can also, be seen on the Internet at www.frumious.demon.co.uk/english.html Because it is bilingual it is ideal for beginners, but warning should be given that it is not for 'pruduloj' because, being written by the young, it is somewhat 'skandalema'!

[EAB Update No. 3 page 4]

Esperanto Holidays

Experienced Esperantists, who already have correspondents around the world, usually don't have any problem in finding out about, and getting to, international Esperanto holidays. However when you are a beginner, it is not all that easy. Also, attendance at World Congresses can be a lonely experience for first timers. We hope to set up a department which will address both these problems.

[Out-dated details of the 4th European Congress in Ostend]

[Out-dated "Universala Kongreso" cheap flights to Tel Aviv]

[Out-dated "Martyn McClelland Presentation Fund" donation form]

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