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Machine Intelligence recruitment team seeks Esperanto speakers

Global Services for Machine Intelligence (GSMI) at Lionbridge is looking for people who speak Esperanto to C1 level or above to participate in a short, paid task, which will assist in the development of speech recognition technology for Esperanto.

The task does not require any specific or previous experience besides an appropriately high level of Esperanto. You will see sentences or part of sentences in Esperanto and will need to record your voice while you read them aloud. Correspondence with the company will be in English.

The tasks can be done easily from home and so Lionbridge are happy to welcome participants from anywhere in the world. You are required to have either an Android phone or Android tablet, or to use any computer with Chrome browser, an internet connection, and a quiet space to make your recordings. Unfortunately, they can't work with an iOS device.

    Here are all the project details to get you started:

  • Participants must be aged 18+ and functionally fluent in Esperanto.
  • The duration of the task is approximately 2 Hours.
  • Rate: 80 USD after completing the entire task.
  • Start date: Immediate.
  • The payment will be made by PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer via XendPay.

There is a form here for you to register your details.

Once the registration form has been completed and you have qualified to participate, Lionbridge's production team will contact you with additional details and instructions.