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EAB News 2016-03-18 to 20: British Esperanto Conference

The British Esperanto Conference 2016 in Liverpool

For more pictures, see this photo-album on Esperanto-UK's facebook page.

Liverpool hosted a pair of Esperanto events this spring; the Buchanan Esperanto Masterclass at the University of Liverpool, followed immediately by the British Esperanto Conference 2016 at the Gateway Centre.

The opening evening's buffet, optional buffet lunches, and a regular supply of tea and coffee meant that there were plenty of opportunities for casual meetings and conversations - in Esperanto. After all, part of the point to attending an Esperanto conference is for the opportunity to hear, use and exercise the language! (But beginners were, of course, welcome, and allowed to speak English where necessary!)

For the beginners and those not yet confident in the language, Anna Lowenstein and Elizabeth Stanly held conversation sessions and discussions, aimed at boosting confidence. Pictured here is a session on "Fruktoj kaj nuksoj" ("fruits and nuts").

For those with a working knowledge of the language, there was a continuous and varied programme of events, talks and activities over the three days, ranging from general interest themes to specialised and technical topics - and all in Esperanto. Pictured below are some (but not all) of those events:

Tim Owen leads a charity quiz; John Wells lectures on the Scouse dialect

Guilherme Fians lectures on the Esperanto movement in Brazil; Hilary Chapman lectures on Edith Alleynce Sinnott, author of the first Esperanto novel; Kalle Kniivila lectures on Putin's followers in Russia and on the Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia; Tim Owen gives a preview of the forthcoming new EAB website

Tim Owen organised a friendly competion performing Beatles songs in Esperanto transation; pictured performing here are Jack Warren, Elizabeth Stanley (in her "Cilla" costume and wig), Peter Bolwell and Marteno Miniĥ.

The Annual General Meeting of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio received the trustees' and treasurer's report, elected the new Management Committee, and discussed and debated suggestions and comments from the membership.

Tim and Clare lead the AGM; voting for the trustees; newly-elected EAB president Ian Carter addresses the membership with a video message

The venue in the centre of Liverpool and suitable gaps in the programme gave participants the opporunity to visit the nearby museums, galleries and tourist attractions:

The Royal Liver Buidling; St John's Beacon; Liverpool Library

The Metropolitan Cathedral; The Mersey Ferry

- Vilĉjo Walker

The 2017 Conference is to be be a joint British and Scottish Esperanto Association event, in Edinburgh during the second half of May 2017 (precise dates TBC). Look out for details on the British Esperanto Conference website.
After the conference had taken place, the EAB trustees found it necessary to make the following announcements:

We've become aware that press releases were sent out from the addresses and on March 21st stating that the conference will be taking place over the Easter weekend. These messages were sent by somebody who is in no way affiliated with the Esperanto Association of Britain, and who has been asked sternly on several occasions to desist from giving the impression that he is, especially by using our name in his email address. Please be aware that the conference has already taken place and had done prior to the distribution of these unassociated press releases.

The trustees of the Esperanto Association of Britain, 2016-03-22

Likewise, the terrible interview on Radio Scotland's Good Morning, Scotland on Saturday, March 26th with this individual "from the Esperanto Association" about the forthcoming conference (which has already taken place!) is nothing whatsoever to do with us.

The trustees of the Esperanto Association of Britain, 2016-03-26

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