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EAB News 2016-03-16 to 18: Second Buchanan Masterclass

Buchanan Masterclass at the University of Liverpool

The second Buchanan Masterclass was organised by Dr Angela Tellier for the University of Liverpool, with support from EAB, and was hosted at the university's Foresight Centre.

The programme offered three main seminar strands, each comprising eight sessions, with four additional sessions exploring some ticklish aspects of Esperanto grammar, analysed using FDG (Functional Discourse Grammar). Participants were able to mix-and-match sessions according to preference.

Speakers Wim Jansen, Duncan Charters, Paul Gubbins, Renato Corsetti, Anna Löwenstein

Evening talks attracted a few additional listeners from the University itself; tea- and meal breaks provided opportunity for conversation and discussion

Two of the younger participants demonstrated what they had learned; even the brand of handwash in the Foresight centre seemed to get into the spirit! ("ĝojo" is the Esperanto word for "joy/happiness")

For more information on this and future Buchanan sessions, and on Esperanto Research, please visit the website

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