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EAB News 2014-10-25: Drondo en Londono

Drondo en Londono

Tim and Clare illustrate "miskomprenoj" - one of the possible "misunderstandings" that arose when this famous US poster of "Rosie the Riveter" travelled to Europe, where the defiant "we can do it" gesture could be read with a whole new interpretation! This was one of the four topics discussed when Drondo (Esperanto Diskut-rondo - Esperanto discussion circle) visited London.

In a packed room, we discussed the topics Ĉu en kelkaj landoj UEA rifuzu starigi Universalan Kongreson?; Defendu nekomunan aŭ eĉ nepopularan opinion; Montevideo: 60 jarojn poste; Miskomprenoj. Tim had prepared some comprehensive briefing notes which were distributed beforehand, and skillfully guided the group to ensure that everyone had a chance to make a contribution.

Afterwards, many of us visited a local pub for an evening meal at the invitiation of London Young Esperantists, for some more informal chatter in Esperanto.

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