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EAB News 2014-08-04: Somera Festivalo

Esperanto Summer Festival at Shallowford

Esperantists gathered at Shallowford House to enjoy a week of Esperanto activities in the Staffordshire countryside.

Shallowford House; photo Vilĉjo Walker Doves; photo Vilĉjo Walker Esperantists group photo; photo Vilĉjo Walker
Shallowford house; two of the Shallowford animals; the Esperanto festival participants.

Study session; photo Vilĉjo Walker
Jack Warren and Paul Gubbins led Esperanto study sessions for two groups, exercising the language and exploring its literature.

Jack Warren presents; photo Vilĉjo Walker Paul Gubbins presents; photo Vilĉjo Walker Sing-along; photo Vilĉjo Walker
In the evenings, Jack gave a talk on the history of foreign-language phrase-books; Paul spoke about writing and presenting a radio programme "The Secret Language" for "Cre8", Staffordshire University's community radio station on the history of Esperanto in Stoke on Trent; Jack led a sing-along of traditional Esperanto songs.

Entertainments evening; photo Vilĉjo Walker
In the entertainments evening, Paul, Jeanna and Jack performed music; Mikaelo led a rousing Esperanto version of "one man went to mow"; Joyce, Anna and Sheila gave readings and recitals; Hilda organised a game; Celia, Hilda, Joyce and Michael performed a sketch.

EAB Bookshop; photo Vilĉjo Walker Card and board games; photo Vilĉjo Walker Croquet; photo Joyce Bunting
An afternoon excursion took us to the EAB headquarters to visit the Butler library and EAB Bookshop where we spent nearly £400 on new and second-hand books; on another afternoon we relaxed over Esperanto card games, board games and crosswords; Anna, Jeanna, Vilĉjo and Sam played croquet in Esperanto.

afternoon tea; photo Vilĉjo Walker Esperanto at mealtimes; photo Vilĉjo Walker
Throughout the week we used Esperanto constantly, even during the relaxed tea-breaks and while we enjoyed the delicious meals served at Shallowford.

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