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EAB News 2014-04-18 to 21: British Esperanto Congress

The British Esperanto Congress 2014 in Sheffield

The Circle in Sheffield was the venue for this year's British Esperanto Congress, from April 18th to 22nd. It was attended by around 50 Esperantists - mainly from Britain but a few from further afield. Sheffield had previously hosted British Esperanto congresses in 1914, 1974 and 1992.

The opening evening's buffet, optional buffet lunches, and a constant supply of tea and coffee meant that there were plenty of opportunities for casual meetings and conversations.

Participants enjoyed a continuous and varied programme of events, talks and activities over the four days, ranging from general interest themes to specialised and technical topics - and all in Esperanto .

The Annual General Meeting of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio received the trustees' and treasurer's report, elected the new Management Committee, and discussed and debated suggestions and comments from the membership.

The congress was followed by an evening banquet in Zizzi's restaurant, and on the next day 20 participants took part in an excursion to nearby Brodsworth Hall, enjoying a guided tour of the hall, and the opportunity to admire the hall's gardens and nearby Brodsworth Church in the warm Easter bank-holiday sunshine.

- Vilĉjo Walker

The 2015 British Esperanto Congress is to be in Brighton, in Spring 2015. Look out for details on the British Congress website.

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