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EAB News 2014-01-11: Talk at Leicester People's University

Leicester People's University learns about Esperanto

Leicester People's University aims to bring free higher education for the people of Leicester, meeting once per month for 4 hours on Saturday afternoons. Previous meeintgs have discussed important topics like policits and religion, Euro-scepticism and the Israel-Palestine situation.

On January 11th they invited Esperanto-speaker Rob Blow to talk on Esperanto. During the four-hour meeting, Rob gave two lectures: the first about Esperanto as a language, a movement and a history; the second about the workers' Esperanto movement. During thye final hour, Rob also gave a beginner's lesson entirely in Esperanto, to introduce participants to the language.

"As a result" reported Rob "a new group of people in Leicester now know not only about Esperanto but also about SAT (Sennacia Ascocio Tutmonda - the World Non-nationalist Association, an independent worldwide cultural Esperanto association of a general left-wing orientation) and its forthcoming congress in Dinan, France. Several students expressed an intention to continue studying the language, and perhaps set up a new local group."

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