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EAB News 2013-05-10 to 12: British Esperanto Congress

The British Esperanto Congress 2013 in Ramsgate

The 2013 British Esperanto Congress was in Ramsgate, from May 10th to 12th. A comprehensive report of the event appears in EAB Update No.62 (July-September 2013), but here (below) are some additional photos from the event.

The venue for the congress was the Kings' Theatre, Ramsgate - a former cinema which, by the time of the Congress itself, seems to have been renamed the Kings' Church. At the opening ceremonly we were greeted by Miss Ramsgate "Cara", the local MP Laura Sandys, EAB President John Wells and Ramsgate Mayor Cllr. Kim Gibson. They all included some phrases in (well spoken) Esperanto, much to the appreciation and warm applause of the audience. Local historian Ralph Holt gave us a brief history of Ramsgate. During a musical interlude we were entertained by French Esperantist Guillaume Armide.

Also during the opening ceremony, we were greeted by costumed local guides and invited to participate in Sunday's guided walk (which, unfortunately, clashed with our Annual General meeting). The evening ended with a buffet supper.

A real highlight of the congress was a detailed and moving presentation by Katalin Kovats on the live and works of Vincent Van Gough, taking full advantage of the cinema venue to project images of Van Goughs' works, and photographs (historical and current) of local Ramsgate venues that Van Gough visted when he stayed in Ramsgate in 1876, working as a teacher. Katalin's husband Sylvian LeLarge played the role of Vicent himself, reading aloud from Van Gough's letters (in expressive and moving Esperanto). They both received warm applause from an appreciative audience at the end of a spectacular and most informative presentation.

At the Annual General meeting, John Wells retired as EAB's president and was presented with a celebratory cake; see the separate AGM 2013 Report. Paul Gubbins was elected the new EAB president and he - or rather, his new book Star in a Night Sky - was also represented at the EAB Bookstall.

As well as the scheduled events at the Congress, there were plenty of informal opportunities to practise the language; pictured here are a conversation group in the venue's foyer, and the sound of Esperanto at breakfast-time in the local hotels.

The congress' logo (designed by Tim Owen); a view of Ramsgate Harbour.

- Vilĉjo Walker

The 2014 British Esperanto Congress will be in Sheffield, from 2014-Apr-18 to 20; book and pay online.

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