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EAB News 2012-11-02: Lernu preview

Lernu previews its new online Esperanto course, with a community of almost 130,000 registered users, is the largest project supported by ESF, the Esperantic Studies Foundation. Thousands of people have studied Esperanto using Lernu's free courses and learning tools. Currently ESF is financing a complete overhaul and re-launch of the site to make it more compatible with new technologies and to improve and update its content.

In early 2013, will be re-launched with completely new content – including a new comprehensive course, a new library and new forums. The new course for beginners is being designed for the A1/A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It will be based on a story written specifically for by popular author Anna Löwenstein. Löwenstein is working with experienced educator Birke Dockhorn to write an interesting and engaging story that gradually introduces grammatical elements and becomes more difficult with each chapter. Through the story students will learn how to handle various life situations in Esperanto – and also some situations more specific to the Esperanto community.

Although conventional language courses often use boring texts for language instruction, the Lernu team feels that an interesting story can be just as effective for teaching a language and encourage students to finish the course to see how the story turns out. The story will be enriched by exercises, created by Birke Dockhorn, and illustrations created specifically for

You can read a fragment of the new course and see an example of the illustrations by following this link.

Donations to ESF support ongoing improvements to as well as other important projects. Would you like to support the expansion, improvement and enhancement of Lernu as a tool for spreading Esperanto throughout the world? Donate to the campaign "100,000 euros for ESF"!

Can't wait until 2013 to get started? already has a variety of free Esperanto courses, online. Alternatively, if you prefer a more traditional form of tutored Esperanto correspondence course, try EAB's own (very reasonably priced) "Elementary" Esperanto course, or EAB's own free "taster" postal course.

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