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EAB News 2012-10-19: Language Show

Promoting Esperanto at the Language Show Live

EAB won the Premio Cigno award for its publicity efforts last year, and the trustees agreed that the prize money would be put towards the cost of a stand at the 2012 Language Show Live from 19 to 21 October 2012 at Olympia, London, where volunteers Marteno Miniĥ, Heleno Fantom, Gavan Fantom, Penny Bryant, Terry Watts, Diana Robin, Matt Peperell, Elizabeth Stanley, Neil Roberts, Magnus Henoch, Carlos Eduardo Castellani, Jake Pentland and Daria Obraztsova presented Esperanto to the passers-by. Our flyer (and posters with a QR code) directed people to a specially-created web page designed for mobile devices, we handed out a "taster" CD of Esperanto music, and gave a free "taster" lesson on the Sunday. Our presence at previous shows hasn't resulted in the direct recruitment of lots of new members or students, but it has served to keep Esperanto "on show" and in the minds of the show's visitors, all of whom attend because they have an interest in learning or using languages - an ideal "target audience" for our publicity. So once again, we have "sown the seed", and helped to communicate the idea of Esperanto as a vibrant, living language.

The EAB booth The EAB booth
The EAB booth The EAB booth The EAB booth The EAB booth
The EAB booth The EAB booth

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