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EAB News 2012-07-22: A bell peal celebrates Esperanto's 125th Anniversary

A bell peal celebrates Esperanto's 125th Anniversary

Esperanto campanologists Roy Threadgold, Terry Page and Matt Peperell organised a celebratory peal of bells at St. John the Baptist Royston Parish Church in Royston, Herfordshire, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Unua Libro - the first Esperanto text book. They, along with local ringers Rachel Parsons, Margaret Horritt, Alan Curtis, Jo Schurch and John Peverett, rang a Quarter Peal in the uniquely English bell-ringing system of Change Ringing. For 48 minutes they rang 1250 permutations in the method known as "Yorkshire Surprise" - so ten permutations for each year of Esperanto.

Roy and Terry had previously organised a special rining in 2009, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Zamenhof, Esperanto's initiator. In April 2012 at the British and Scottish Esperanto congress in Edinburgh they met Matt Peperell, and the three of them rang together for the first time. To celebrate Esperanto's 125th anniversary they chose Royston as a suitably central location for all three, and where the head ringer is a former student of Roy. We understand this is the first time that three Esperantists have organised such an event.

An offical report of the peal will be published in The Ringing World, the weekly journal for church bell ringers since 1911.

Royston Parish Church
St. John the Baptist Royston Parish Church.

(translated/adapted from a report by) Roy Theadgold

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