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EAB News 2011-08-07: Bookshop shipping rates revised

EAB Bookshop

As UK postal prices have increased significantly over the last 2 years, the EAB management committee has decided to increase the EAB bookshop's UK shipping rate. Shipping (to UK addresses) will now be calculated at 20% of order total (formerly 15%). However, the minimum shipping charge of £1.50 per (UK) order remains unchanged.

The new postage rates are calculated automatically by the EAB online bookshop, and take effect for all new orders (submitted from today onwards).

The committee does regret the need for this price increase, but considers it necessary if the Association is to recover its costs.

There are no changes to the non-UK shipping rate, which remains at 20% of order total and minimum shipping charge of £2.00 per (non-UK) order. Bulk/trade orders continue to use "at cost" rates.

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