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EAB News 2010-12-01: David Kelso is missing

David Kelso is missing

On 15th November 2010, Scottish Esperantist David Kelso (honorary secretary of Esperanto-Asocio de Britio and also the Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation) went missing from his home in Calabria, Italy. It appears that we went out for one of his usual walks in the surrounding hills; the house and his posessions were left as if he intended to return shortly. Neighbours altered the authorities when he hadn't returned home the following day. Despite an intensive search by the police and mountain rescue services, no trace was found. The active phase of the search has now been discontinued but the case will remain open for the forseeable future.

David's family have set up a "David Kelso Update Group" bulletin board on facebook with any latest news. Our thoughts are with them.

The EAB Trustees have co-opted Tim Owen to the EAB Management Committee, to assist with the the committee's work in David's absence.

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