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EAB News 2010-08-21: East London Esperanto Group's London Walk

An Esperanto walk around the City of London

On 21st August 2010, East London Esperanto Group held a guided walk around the city of London. Mark Drake, who works above the Guildhall art gallery, led the group through the side-streets and narrow passages of the city of London, visting many famous sights and a few lesser-known ones. The tour included an impromptu visit inside the Guildhall (where Zamenhof delivered a famous speech on 21st August 1907 during the third World Esperanto Congress), and a pause for a picnic in Paternoster Square overlooking Saint Paul's cathedral. Mark had expected the walk to take about two hours, but there was so much to see and the weather was so fine that it actually took four hours.

The bank of England; photo Vilĉjo Walker The Guildhall; photo Vilĉjo Walker
The Bank of England; The Guildhall

St Paul's Cathedral; photo Vilĉjo Walker The Millennium Bridge; photo Vilĉjo Walker
Saint Paul's Cathedral; The Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern

The Globe Theatre; photo Vilĉjo Walker The Gherkin; photo Vilĉjo Walker
The Globe Theatre; The Gherkin (also known as 30 St Mary's Axe)

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