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EAB News 2010-07-26: Esperanto Day Publicity

Esperanto Day 2010

Like the Queen, Esperanto has two birthdays each year; "Esperanto Day" on 26th July celebrates the publication of the "Unua Libro" [the "first book", in/about Esperanto], and "Zamenhof Day" [also confusingly known as "Esperanto Day"] on 15th December celebrates Zamenhof's birthday.

Esperanto Day 2010 on 26th June 2010 celebrated the birth of Esperanto 123 years ago; several radio stations responded to a press release by Brian Barker and, thanks to coordination and marshalling by the EAB Office, mentioned Esperanto on that day.

BBC Radio Lancashire interviewed Stephen Thompson 2:20:46 into the prog.

BBC Radio Somerset interviewed Brian Barker 0:39:35 into the prog.

BBC Radio Leicester interviewed Tim Owen 1.12.30 into the prog. Tim's friend, Stela, has recorded some Esperanto phrases with them, played during the feature.

BBC Radio Sussex interviewed Stela Bethally [?] 0:26:44 into the prog.

BBC Radio Foyle interviewed John Murray 1:23:35 into the prog.

BBC Radio Humberside interviewed David Kelso 1 hour and 40 mins into the prog.

There was a mention of Esperanto on BBC Radio 4's "Today" program, and (possibly) a BBC world service feature in the evening.

On the following day, the Sun (newspaper) printed an interview with Alex Jarvis, Rob Hawkins and Heather Eason, quoted some "useful phrases", translated by Tim Owen.

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