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EAB News 2010-05-14 to 16: British Esperanto Congress 2010

Llandudno - the sun shone and the choir thundrered

[This is a translation of a report by Jack Warren which appeared in La Blanka Rozo, newsletter of the Yorkshire and Humberside Esperanto Federation, No. 256 (Summary 2010).]

A blue sea, pointed mountains, white-walled hotels... Llandudno has all the traits of a Welsh sea-side town. The congress venue was a dignified coast-front hotel which, on the Friday evening, had offered first a banquet with typical Welsh fare and afterwards the music of a local male-voice choir. Sixty male voices sang so loudly that the widows shook; a suitable welcome the country and town.

In all, 79 signed up for this year's British Esperanto Congress. Among them were 15 people from outside the United Kingdom, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Brazil. The formal opening took place on Saturday, at 9 A.M. - apparently too early for some, because many seats remained empty.

There followed a choice of varied lectures: John Wells on his new dictionary, available at the bookstall, Hugh Reid on "Strategy of the instincts", continuing the theme started in Salisbury last year, and - twice - Anna Löwenstein who explored the historical background of her two novels.

At the Annual General Meeting on Sunday everything went smoothly, without the interruptions that had hindered it during previous years. Here are a few notes from the discussions:

Should we continue to sing La Espero at congresses? This provoked strong opinions, both for and against. Miland Joshi proposed a vote, but the result was a draw, so the matter remains unsolved.

Jack Warren

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The 2011 British Esperanto Congress will be held in Eastbourne, from 2011-Apr-08 to 10. To book your place, visit the book and pay online web-page.

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