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EAB News 2010-05-02: The first Esperanto film 'Angoroj' can be downloaded

Esperanto film 'Angoroj' has been posted for download

The first feature film to be produced entirely in Esperanto, Angoroj [Agonies] by Jacques-Louis Mahe was produced in 1963-1964. Although most copies of the film were lost, one was transferred to videotape by LF-Koop (Literatura Foiro Kooperativo) in 1991. A digitised (MPG4) version of that tape has now been posted on the Internet, available for download.

The download is available from free download from as a 348 MB MPG4 file. (To get the download for free, you have to sit through a 45 second wait and an advertisement).

In its MPG4 format, the film can be played on most modern computers in a suitable media-player application (e.g. VLC media player, which has a free download from

[EAB has no connection with or involvement in, the upload of Angoroj, or; mention of those sites and products in this report does not represent any form of endorsement by EAB.]

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