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EAB News 2009-12-30: Esperanto accented letters in Android operating system

Make your (Esperanto) voice heard!

"Android" is Google's open-source operating system for mobile phones, and "open source" means that its world-wide developer and user community have a say in how this software expands and grows.

Currently there's a discussion thread on whether to add support for Esperanto accented letters to this operating system, so that these can then be used in text messages, Esperanto-language menus, etc. on mobile phones built around this "Android" software. The Google company has already shown itself to be sympathetic to Esperanto, offering an Esperanto-language option on its famous search engine and promoting Esperanto on Esperanto-Day. Wider open-source initiatives have also chosen to impement Esperanto-support, for example OpenOffice in Esperanto.

For this "Android" proposal to be considered, it needs at least 1000 votes from the community, and so British Esperantists have been invited to contribute by "starring" this issue (and so adding their vote). To do so, you'll need to have a Google account; if you've already registered preferences with Google, or use Google applications (e.g. g-mail) then you'll already have one, otherwise it's easy (and free) to register an account.

To add your vote:

You may also leave a comment if you wish, but please note that just leaving a comment does not count as voting for the issue. Unless the "Vote for this issue" star is yellow you're not recorded as supporting the proposal.

Even if your current mobile phone isn't based on Android software, do still please consider voting. If the proposal is adopted, and future Android phones support Esperanto, then this might influence the choice of your next mobile phone!

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