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EAB News 2009-12-15: Esperanto Day celebrations and publicity

Esperanto Day

Google homepage with Esperanto flag On 15th December 2009, Esperantists around the world celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the birth of L.L.Zamenhof, initiator of the international language.

Some national Google sites showed an Esperanto flag on the homepage (although not and, strangely, not the Esperanto-language versions of Google!) Read more in the JEB report about the celebrations, and this follow-up report on the impact.. Search engine Bing and encyclopedia Wikipedia also included topical references; read about those in Clare's report.

The Daily Express newspaper published a "Ten things you never knew..." feature about languages (including Esperanto).

Several radio stations broadcast 5-minute items, including:

Congratulations to Brian Barker, whose press release prompted such interest across BBC local radio!

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