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EAB News 2009-09-30: EAB Competition

Writing and Photo Competition

During 2010, EAB is running a competition for would-be journalists, authors, photographers and anyone who would like to contribute to EAB's publications. As well as enriching EAB's publications and so helping to promote Esperanto, you could win a prize voucher for goods from the EAB bookshop. Depending on the publication you choose, your submission will be in Esperanto or in English (see the guidelines and rules, below).

Every contribution published in La Brita Esperantisto, EAB Update or the EAB website newspage will be considered by that publication's editor who will prepare a shortlist, then an independent judge will pick a winning submission from each of the shortlists. The winners will be announced and presented with their awards at a ceremony during the 2011 British Esperanto Congress.

Follow these links for more guidelines on writing and making submissions to:

If (after reading the rules below) you have any questions about operation of the competition, please consult EAB trustee Clare Hunter ( ). Clare Hunter

Competition rules

The competition concerns written or photographic entries to La Brita Esperantisto, EAB Update or the EAB website newspage (hereafter known as "the publications").

The aim of the competition is to encourage the contribution of high quality text and/or photographs relevant to Esperanto activities by British Esperantists, in Britain and beyond.

The competition is open to all British Esperantists and Esperantists living in Britain, regardless of whether they are members of EAB. However, an editor of the publications is not eligible for entry, nor is the judge of the competition.

Submissions may be made either by individuals, or jointly by local groups and federations. In making a submission, the person/group making the submission confirms that they are the original author(s) of that work, and agree to transfer its copyright to EAB.

The competition runs from 1st January 2010 to 30th December 2010. All items submitted to the publications within this timeframe will be deemed to be entered in the competition, unless the author specifies otherwise at the time of submission.

There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by each person, however publication of each entry is at the discretion of the editor of the publication, and entries may be edited and amended prior to publication. Submitting the same material (or substantially the same material) to more than one publication is discouraged, and the competition judge will not award two prizes for the same/similar material.

Submissions to La Brita Esperantisto must be in Esperanto. Submissions to EAB Update may be in Esperanto, English, Welsh or Gaelic. Submissions to the EAB website newspage must be in English.

Submissions should take the form of text and/or captioned pictures, where "pictures" is deemed to include photographs, drawings and cartoons. Captions should be meaningful and describe the subject captured. Quality is more important than quantity, and submissions of more than six pictures on any theme are unlikely to be published.

For further information about the type of contribution suitable for each publication and the submission deadlines, please consult the relevant websites or ask the editor.

A judge for the competition will be appointed by EAB ManCom in consultation with the editors of the publications.

Entries will be judged as follows: The editor of each publication will select a short-list of the contributions submitted to their publication during the competition time-frame, which, in that editor's view, best represent the types of contribution appropriate for that publication. The appointed judge will then choose, from each short-list, the contribution which he/she feels has the most interest and relevance to British Esperantists. Having chosen a winner from each of the short-lists, the judge will award first prize (£20 voucher), second prize (£15 voucher) and third prize (£10 voucher) to those winners. The prize vouchers can be exchanged in the EAB bookshop as (part) payment for goods or EAB membership.

The judge may decide not to award a particular prize if the standard of contributions to a particular publication is not sufficiently high.

The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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